Sunday, December 30, 2012

Maruti Launches Ritz Automatic Version

Just when I thought that Maruti has a automatic version in the hatch back segment ie the A-star with the ex-showroon price lesser than 5 lakh, I see that they have launched Ritz AT version and is priced around 6.15 lakhs. There is only the petrol version in this and a mileage of 17 is quoted which is not too less compared to the manual shift gearbox.

It only appears that India is slowly moving towards the automatic cars which is a norm in the western countries.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ratan Tata - End of an Era.

The Tata family has always kept me awed by their nature of building people. They just dont stop at building a  company or a city/town or an educational institute, they make sure that they build people. I had the chance of being the part of TCS in my initial years of my career, and it always made me proud to be a part of the Tata Group.
The sheer motivation to build companies like Air India and then giving it up to the government , all in the good will to help the country is something commendable. Also setting up institutes like Tata Institute , now IISc and TIFR, are something, which they have build to bring up the people of India from the roots and not just superficially. They never believed in giving wealth to people, but they did believe in giving good way of life and education. Thats the difference between a Tata Company and any other.

After JRD Tata, its been Ratan Tata who has been handling the Tata Sons division for all these years, and tomorrow he will be giving up his role as the chairman of Tata Sons to hand it over to Cypress Mistry, righly so, as he is capable and also being the group, holding the highest share in Tata Sons.

I havent written a blog for many months and its this thought of this person retiring made me write a few words. Its just the respect that this person unknowingly commands.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Urban Stampede 2012 - My first 5K Run

 It was only a 5k run, which was actually a relay accumulating to 20k by 4 participants. It being my first, and for most of us in office, we all did practice a lot. Some by running in a near by park and some on the threadmill. Nevertheless, it was all an experience not to be forgotten by me.

The day ie 5th Aug, started by leaving from home at 5am with my friend Dharma. Having not met him for last 5 years or so and since he is a very familiar name in the Bangalore marathon's he too wanted to come and see the the Urban Stampede for the first time.
The activity at the Clarks Exotica Resort was in full action when the sun just seemed to come up.

The first pic of the day with our colleagues. CSGI had 28 members which formed the 7 teams.

Runners for Life (RFL) had organised this event and as per their impeccable standards, every detail is taken into account for the runners. There were enough water holes along with bananas and biscuits to charge one self with energy. The changing rooms, the rest rooms and the baggage counters were well organised. 
To accommodate 1500 enthusiastic runners is definitely not a small task and I must say that the event was very well organised. With every passing year, the number of runners for each of the 5k runs or the 10k runs is only increasing by the day.

The Run started at 7:00 AM and with the first 18 minutes, the first runner from the Toyota Kirloskar company came back. It was amazing to see such record pace and as is the history, they have been winning the competition from the past few years.

Here are the few of the race pictures and pictures after the completion of the Race.

Rakesh, Aditya, Nitesh and me enjoying a lite moment.

The atmosphere, in the early part of the morning before the race.

The Starting line
The early finishers at the finish line.. Guess from Toyota group.

The part of the CSGI group on the stage after completion of Race

With the Medal
Another group photo..

The lessors...

It was about 14 years back(in my college days), when I had been to Panjim from Margao and was in the queue to pick up a bus ticket. Its a shuttle service which doesnt have an on board conductor and the tickets need to be taken at the counter. Yes, that does save a lot of money and resources. In that long line waiting to buy the tickets, there was one gentlemen who has a disability in his foot. Considering its a long line, some gentlemen ahead of him in the queue, requested him to skip the line and directly go to the counter. (Apparently there was also another counter for the disabled, but no one was behind the counter). But this gentlemen refused the offer politely and said that he was okay and he was fit enough to be in the line. The other person, did seem a bit embarrassed, though there was not need for him to be, and he was only offering help.   And there I was near the end of the line, only hoping that I could skip the line and get to the front :)

I am sure, we all feel the same when we are in a long queue. But for the person, who has been named as a disabled, not by him but by the society in general due to a lack of something in him, does feel offended by it time and again. He really doesn't want that tag. He wants to be considered as normal like every one else, and though there are facilities like these provided, they want to avoid it.

Then again, its not just the physical or mental disability people who have been treated like this. This kind of behaviour is seen across all the areas. For those who are financially challenged, there is a certain kind of sympathy which is given by the better off people. They try and pay their bills in a dinner meeting or so. Not really trying to put them down, but more so, because they feel they can do something for them. And this too does hurt that league of people, who are at the receiving end.

Then there are other segment of people, who, though dont come in the above mentioned categories, but there is something less in them, which makes them not in line with the 'generic' society terms and conditions.

I am not sure, whether this discrimination is really to put them down, but more so, in a line of sympathy.
Just try and avoid that. There is nothing more hurting than enhancing one's limitations in whichever manner it may be. Just be normal to everyone and if there is something that needs to done for them, do it in anonymity.

My 2 cents ..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Man for every moment...An end of an Era

The Superstar of the yesteryears passed away today, leaving a void in our hearts. His every movie and every songs enacted have left an indelible mark in our hearts..
From the super famous Anand, where every dialog will relate to him on the day when he actually left his body, the dialog which he delivers in the movie will be there forever with us.. Somethings are larger than life..

Definitely a sad day for the Hindi film industry. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Perfect World - Priya Kumar

Name : The Perfect World
Author: Priya Kumar
Pages : 319
Cost : 275/-

I don't think that the review for this book is going to be easy. I had a perceived notion of this book and this book was completely different from what I had thought about it.

Let me give a short overview of the book. This story revolves around one person Niki, who is not having the best of life, in either personal nor professional life. She then manages to get into a different world, which is apparently the perfect world, called Zedius. The journey from Earth to this planet has been described in a very detailed manner. There the task is to save the perfect world, and the common myth that, when one has no problems in life, is something, one always longs for. This has been proven wrong here and Niki, who has the power to create problem where ever she goes is one of the chosen one to create problems in this perfect world so that a lively atmosphere can start in this world.

Now, having given this short briefing of the overall story in the book, its not the story which makes an impact in Priya's books. Its the thoughts which keep running in, which are detailed in a very intricate manner is what really touches you, and this book is no different. I only wish someone could put all those points in a different book and I would gladly buy that one.
Coming back to the book, its not the easiest of the book to read, unlike her previous ones. Its something which one needs to read slowly to absorb every line. Unlike her last book, this book made me fall asleep.(I don't normally fall asleep while reading). Its not easy to keep reading this book. It took close to a month to finish off this, though initially I thought that, this is not in line with her previous books and not up to the mark, I was proven wrong.
This book is at a very high spiritual level. I am pretty sure, many of you will not be able to appreciate the contents. Since I had quite a bit of knowledge of the soul power, I was able to comprehend it. The more and more pages I turned , I was wondering, how did Priya manage to learn all these concepts and based on that write a story, which is a story and at the same time, talks about highly spiritual stuff. Its not easy for a young person to know about all the contents unless she has read a lot in these areas. Not sure, how did she manage that, or is it that she is just gifted. But at the end of it, its an awesome piece of work.

Now, the million dollar question. Should you buy this book. I am not sure. As mentioned earlier, its not the easiest of the book to read. This book shouldn't be read in a hurry. You should take time and absorb every bit of it into yourself and that's the only way you will benefit from reading this. I can call it a slightly easier version than Shantaram. But its a simple story and very few characters and great insight into one's life.
If I compare my knowledge from learnings in Brahmakumaris and this book, I didn't find anything contradictory. Would definitely recommend all the followers of Brahmakumaris to read this book. It just takes one on a journey, in a virtual reality mode and can really appreciate the teachings.

As for me, I plan to read this book again and take proper notes this time so that I can use a lot of teachings in this book
Great work Priya!! Keep it up. And to be frank, my initial impression while reading the first few chapters was not the same.

Earth Day 2012

Tomorrow is Earth Day. An annual event which probably should be followed every day of your life. So for the mother earth, who has given you so much and has been bearing all our tantrums all this, time, what do you plan to do for her tomorrow.

If you haven't made up your mind as yet, then these are a few things
  1. Avoid taking the car/bike out. Since its a sunday, might be quite possible
  2. Reduce the amount of water you are wasting. Use as per your requirement, but just don't waste
  3. Use electricity only when needed. Use the TV a little less. Go for a walk rather than watching TV.
  4. Use less plastics. Especially while shopping, Carry a bag with you. 
  5. Avoid wasting paper tissues at restaurant, use them judiciously or use your kerchief
  6. Take the stairs rather then the elevator. If you see an elevator running, then you might as well use it :) 
  7. If you use match sticks for lighting your gas stove or cigarettes, use a flame which is already being lit in the house. One match stick used less  by a lot of people, would mean some benefit to the trees some where.
  8. Enjoy the evening walks rather than the TV or Facebook. Go out and meet people and friends.
  9. Use your mobile a little less
  10. Avoid using plastic or paper cups for tea/coffee. A regular mug would help a little bit more.
These are just some of the tips. Just do your bit wherever you can and that will be carried forward for a long time.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Metro Man - E Sreedharan

Got this lovely link of an interview of E Sreedharan

If not for this person, we wouldnt have enjoyed the Konkan Railway, which I so much enjoy travelling.

Another beautiful blog of this person -

The more I read and hear of this person, just feel how little we have done for our country. I can't even imagine the number of battles this person would have fought with all the politicians and bureaucrats .

He is now the most sought out man, and only a person like him, who has delivered  can actually challenge the processes and the way things are run. How do we create more people like him in this country. Wish we could be like him. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Going out of the way ...

Helping is a nature everyone loves to do, no matter what kind of person he or she is. Its one of the basic  nature of the soul. Peace, happiness, simplicity, helping are a few of them. There are so many things that one want to do, seeing the outside world. We want to help the poor, the needy and other such people. The reaction sometime differ when its asked for and when one wants to do it out of your own will. Very often, when you get a call from one of the tele-marketing folks asking you to contribute, you don't really feel like doing it. Basically, since, its not out of your own willingness. From the Karmic concept also, the value of giving sometimes, adds to your account, only when its done with your whole heartedness.

Apart from helping the poor and needy, there are another set of people, who needs help. This help is more required in today's world. Its the stability that needs to be given at a non-physical or non-materialistic level. Its more at a spiritual level. With the current state of affairs in personal or work life, everyone is more and more stressed out. Some amount of help is needed by everyone, and there is a definite need to help each other to control the things from getting out. That's where your family and peers come in play. They need to regulate the stress levels and ease out the problems. Having said that, not that every one who gives the support is one without any problems. They also have their own share of problems.

I have seen people who have gone out of the way to help others in their personal problems and giving them a sense of stability. But then as karmic account's hold for each other, everyone can help another, until the point they are supposed to settle their karmic account's for each other. You would see that, though one does try and want to help someone else, the person at the receiving side, doesn't really accept the help. This is what happens when the karmic accounts between them probably has been settled or even if the other person, needs to go through a phase of suffering, through which the karmic account has to be settled. This is the case when the person, will close down on taking positive vibrations from all the given sources. However practical one thinks of this perspective, its quite difficult to further pursue helping others in this state. So when one wants to help others and still the recipient doesn't accept, one should help in a spiritual manner, i.e. by giving blessings so that they are in a state of receiving help.

I have been reading a book, which is apparently a fiction book, but I attribute it to a spiritual level. Will write the review on the same, once I am done with it. But its definitely one must read, but as with any karmic account, I think only the person ready to receive the knowledge at that level will be able to do so.

So, when you see someone not accepting help, you need to go out of the way with your blessings ...

Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Reverse Journey

Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789381115350
Pages: 122
Price: 95.0

Came to know of this book, through a link in TOI. Probably that indeed was a good indication of what the would be eventually be.

This book by Vivek Kumar Singh , talks of his own experiences in India and in USA. The way he was bought up, his family background and his way of life in Bangalore and then in USA. There isnt much in this book, that one doesn't know. Its as good as me writing about my experiences in Bangalore and in USA.
But then, he has done some good collection of experiences and gone into a little details of the differences between the two countries and the way of thinking. Again something that most of us do know.

There are a few punch lines which I liked and probably that would be the only thing thats a take away from this book.

When I read the article about this book in newspaper, I was expecting something that an IITian would write. But then I was highly disappointed. Maybe Chetan Bhagat has set the standard a bit too high.

Should one go for reading this book. Well its a small book, more like a small self help book. The cost really doesn't justify the content nor the number of pages.

I managed to pick it up from for a cheaper price of 57 INR(No shipping charges), while the cost in flipcart was 85/- I dont think 85 plus 30 for shipping would do justice for this book.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

And Rahul Calls it a day

The news today claim that, Rahul Dravid will call it a day tomorrow. Hats off to you. No one had to ask to you to hang up your boots. Nor was there any pressing need. Just after one bad season, he decides to call it off, especially being one of the best batsman in England, where India has a bad series.

This is strange, considering the fact that, the others who are in line for retirement and have been performing quite badly, are still wondering. We would let me wonder for sometime, but then just as Dravid's speech before the start of the Australia series was great, he ended it up with a note that people will never forget. The respect only grew.

As another of my friend pointed out today to me, another Rahul, (Gandhi), who has failed miserably in the recently concluded elections, still feels that, the future of the country still is with him. Not that, I have a say in that, but something should be learned from that debacle. Coincidently, both the Rahul's are almost of same age.

Here is the link of Dravid's speech , just before the commencement of the Series. We would miss you. (Thankfully you stay quite close to my apartment :) )

Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Sins of the Father - Clifton Chronicles Part 2

Book Name: The Sins of the Father
Author : Jeffrey Archer
Price - 350
Pages - 386

Finally got my hand on the long awaited book yesterday(3rd March 2012), through flipcart and for a book, which I have been waiting for a year.

This books starts from the point where Harry Clifton reaches Newyork, trying to escape from his past life. He gets a new name Tom Bradshaw, only to find out that, he is a bigger problem than the one he was trying to escape with. The next part of the story revolves around how he gets into Prison and his life over there. There seems to a resemblance of the life of Jeffrey Archer when he was in prison. In the prison , he does show a few acts, which earns him respect of the cons but then he chooses to get a job in the prison library. The head of the library reads his daily diaries with his permission and has a good liking to them, so much so that, even when he(Lyold) completes his term in the prison, he asks Harry to send him his diaries at home. Apparently this person, makes a copy of them and writes a book and publishes as his own story and gains lots of readership and is also in the best sellers. What I don't seem to really understand is how could someone like Harry be so dumb to send his personal diaries to a person, whom he didn't really like.

Further the story continues where Emma(Harry's Fiancee) starts to look for a Harry in New York, and coincidences make her read the book. Once she realises that these are indeed Harrys books, she goes on a hunt to find Harry, getting clues from each link she finds.

The later part of the story revolves around the World War II, where Harry is released from the Prison to offer his services and so does Giles (His best friend and Emma's brother). They both excel in their new roles. I would mention anything more, as there wouldn't be any predictable suspense also.

There are parallel short stories of Hugo(Giles dad) and Mrs Masie (Harry's mom), and they kind of run in parallel.
For a change, I was not really impressed with this book. The book was pretty much predictable and the story revolved as one likes to predict.
There is a small court room scene which is in place, to find the actual heir to the Barrington. Though the court room scenes are good, and Jeffrey Archer is always good, somehow this was up to his level. It did lack something.

The story hangs with the Court Room scene and we would need to wait for his next book, for an year. But frankly, I dont see any dramatic change expected further.

Definitely a read if you have read the first part ie 'Only Time Will Tell'.  You can definitely read this book as a stand alone, as some of the earlier part of the story has be narrated so that the link is not missed (considering this book is released after an year, and one tends to forget the characters).

But am a little disappointed with this book,being a big fan of Jeffrey Archer

Sunday, February 26, 2012

E Sreedharan

A great article on E Sreedharan.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 Easy Things You Can Do To Improve Your Life Today

Lovely article at this link -

Changing or improving your life doesn’t have to be a long, frustrating, drawn-out process. I’m always in search of the smallest changes that yield the biggest returns, and below is my collection of quick tips that can make your life easier, more fulfilling, or just less of a pain in the ass.
Try one or two of these and tell me how great they worked.
1. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past 2 months.
We both know that you should really donate everything you haven’t worn in the past two weeks, but I’ll cut you some slack. This isn’t about throwing away clothes you hate – it’s about getting rid of things that you don’t love. Having excess clothes that you’re never going to wear clogs up your closet, makes decision making more difficult, and serves as a constant reminder of unfinished business. Take two hours out of your weekend, tear everything out of your closet, put it in a big pile and start sorting. I’ll give you an allowance for three nostalgic t-shirts that you’ll never wear again (fraternity Beer Pong Championship shirt, etc).
When you’re done with that, think about the deep metaphor that you’ve just learned and apply it to other parts of your life. Shed yourself of activities, TV shows, people, work, and other obligations that you don’t love. You’ll feel lighter without a life that’s cluttered with fluff, and you’ll quickly fill those voids with meaningful things (you can think of me as a modern-day Mr. Miyagi, Daniel-san).
2. If something takes less than 2 minutes to do, do it immediately.
This is my favorite way to improve personal productivity. Whenever you encounter a task/obligation that requires less than 2 minutes of your time, just do it now. You’ll be amazed as how much this will reduce stress – both because you have less to remember and because you have a higher personal output.
3. Schedule a dinner with a group of 5 or more friends.
It’s actually scientifically proven that people who have dinner in groups of 5 or more at least once per week are happier than people who don’t. Planning an event yields more return than just the event itself – the anticipation of the event gives you something to look forward to. It takes less than 2 minutes to send an email, so you have to do this one right away.
4. Make a donation.
$5, $10, $50, $100. Whatever you can afford. If you don’t do this often, you’ll be surprised at how great it feels. I recommend checking out the charity first to see what percentage of your donation actually makes it to the end of the line – vs. being eaten up by big salaries, expensive fundraisers, and general wastefulness.
If you want some instant impact, give $20 to the next homeless person you see.
5. Practice saying “no.”
I had a friend in high school, Taylor, who had perfected the art of the “no.” When he didn’t want to do something, he’d look you in the face and respond, “I’d ’bout rather shoot myself in the face than do that.” I don’t recommend trying approach without a thick Southern accent, which has the magical power of making rude comments sound hilarious and acceptable.
Most people I know – myself included – get roped into doing things that they really don’t want to do. Saying “no” is liberating – stop giving automatic “yes” responses or, even worse, delaying the inevitable “no” by telling someone you’ll get back to them. If you aren’t instantly drawn to something, try a response like this: “I have plans that day, so I won’t be able to make it. If something changes, I’ll be sure to let you know.”
6. Stop sending open ended emails.
I used to send emails that said things like ”is that shirt available in black, red, or blue?” The other person responds with the answer and thus starts the email chain. Eliminate all this superfluous nonsense with a more comprehensive email that gives instructions for the reasonable contingencies: “I’m looking for a shirt in size medium. My favorite colors are black, red, and blue – in that order. If one of those is in-stock, please create an order, respond with the order number and your phone extension, and I will call you this evening with my credit card number and shipping information. If none are available, please let me know the estimated lead time and email me when it becomes available.” BAM. One and done.
Methods like this allow me to run two automated companies and only work a few hours per week.
7. Use self-scheduling software.
Most people waste an inordinate amount of time scheduling meetings, dinners, family get-togethers, dates, conference calls, and other events. Self-scheduling software, likeTimeTrade, is all web-based and most offer free 30-day trials – they allow you to block off parts of your schedule for personal time, work, etc, and your friends/family/blind dates can choose available time slots. This eliminates all the back-and-forth of trying to find a time that works for both of you, and has the added bonus of making you look really important (you may want to consider exaggerating other exciting aspects of your life if a self-scheduling calendar is completely incongruent with your general image). In case you lead an underwhelming social life, be sure to block off a bunch of nights before sending a completely empty calendar to a potential date.
When you’re trying to get a group together, like for Tip #3, try a poll-based scheduling software like Doodle. This allows you to pick a few dates and ask a group of people which date works best.
8. Start one day per week off right.
Remember how much energy you had in high school? Yeah, well that’s because your parents cooked you decent food, you slept normal hours, and you didn’t drink your face off during the week (well, not as often as you do now, at least). Food and sleep are fuel for your body – put crude oil in your car and see how it runs.
Try doing this one day per week and you’ll be blown away at how great you feel – you’ll get more done on that day than the other days combined:
Get in bed at 9:30 and set your alarm for 6:30 – then leave your alarm clock or phone across the room so you actually wake up. In the morning, throw on some sweats and take a brisk 15 minute walk (if it’s cold out, watch Rocky IV the night before to prevent whining). Eat three eggs and have coffee or tea as normal – but leave out the toast, cereal, sugar, juice, and other garbage you usually consume in the morning.
Have trouble sleeping? Try 3mg of melatonin an hour before bed. If you drink coffee out of a fire hose like I do, PharmaGABA can help you from grinding your teeth out of your skull.
9. Know your instrument.
A mentor said this to me and it stuck. The most incredible tool you’ll ever own is your body and, if you want to maximize your effectiveness, you should get to know it well. Most people have a “productivity zone” – a period of a few hours each day when your energy level is at its peak (mine is from 8:30-noon, give or take). I forget the exact statistics, so I’ll make something up: 9 of out 10 people in a Danish study showed a 200% increase in productivity when they worked on their most difficult tasks during their peak-energy hours.
But seriously, give it a try. It works. Spend your low-energy zones doing things you enjoy doing, like watching cat videos on YouTube or thinking about ways to kill your boss.
10. Do your work in order of descending difficulty.
If you start your day off with harvesting FarmVille crops or cruising Facebook to compare your social life to people you barely know, this one goes out to you. Start off with the most difficult task first. Most people start off by opening their email and responding to new messages. Responding to emails is easy, and it’s something that you have to do, so it should be left for low/no-energy periods. Tackle your most difficult item first and you’ll always be rewarded with an easier task to do next.
There’s an added bonus – if you only get one thing done per day, like I usually do, you actually have something to show for it.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Interesting Article on 2012

Found an Interesting article on the Mayan Calendar, which end on 21st Dec 2012. Next year, this time, I would probably reading this article and laughing to myself :)

The talk and debate on 2012 end of the world will not end till December 2012. Magazines, Newspapers, televisions, social networking is always speaking about the end of the world. The fact lies in the Mayan prediction. In the prehistoric time the Mayans were an expert in the fields of science and culture. They had made contribution in the fields of Art, Science, and Astronomy. Even the calendar that we follow toady is based on the Mayan Calculation. Researches have found out that the calendar ends in 2012. So we can assume that the world will come to an end in 2012. On the other hand we have another set of scientists saying that the Mayan calendar is based on a cycle. The cycle will again start rotating after 2012. So, the Mayan calendar does not say that the end of the world is near. Let us now look into the fact deeply. 

The Mayan side of the coin 

The Mayan calendar is known as the Sun Stone. The calendar is based on the Sun. We can say that it is a solar calendar. As per the calendar the world will end on 21 December 2012. This particular observation is known as 2012 phenomenon. The argument is based on the following points: 

The believers state the followings:
A pole shift will end the world and time will stop.
A geomagnetic reversal can also end the world on 21 December 2012.
Solar Storms can burn the surface of the Earth.
The non-believers state the followings on the contrary:
The concept of pole shift is completely imaginary. A pole shift cannot happen.
A geomagnetic reversal cannot destroy the Earth.
Solar storms cannot happen.
Why we support the Mayan fact? 

Now there few reason to support the Mayan side of the story. 
As per the Mayan culture the count for the calendar years consist of 5 levels.
The calculations of the day cycles are as 20 days, 360 days, 720 days, little below 20 years and the large cycle is little less than four hundred years.
Thirteen batons are required to complete one full cycle which spans around 5,125 years.
The 13th baton ends on 21 December 2012 as per the Mayan belief.
Scientists and researchers say that the world can probably end for the following reasons:
Sun Storms
Atom Smasher
Super Volcano
Slip Slop Slap Bang
2012 end of the world has been reviewed by NASA too. But NASA has different view on the phenomenon. NASA says that there will be a new magnetism on the sun. This can result in solar changes which will destroy satellite communications, GPS, Air Traffic, and Power Grids. 

The myth on destruction 

2012 end of the world, the phenomenon has been completely ignored by few scientists. On the other hand there is a myth on the phenomenon. A certain group of people say that a planet called Nibiru will destroy the fact. But science has proved that there aren’t any planets called Nibiru. But we cannot deny the report presented by few scholars. They say that the Earth will come in a perfect alignment with the sun and the centre of the galaxy. We can assume that there will be excess gravity which can create difference in the alignment. 

The Hindu belief coincide with the Mayan calendar too 

As per the Hindu belief the Golden Age will start from 2012. Lord Krishna said that the Golden Age will start from the end of the Kali Yuga. The calculation says that 2012 will be the time for Golden Age. Surprisingly the Mayan culture also says that the year 2012 will be the Golden Age. The point is that these two cultures had no connection between each other. But they both say that 2012 will be the Golden Age. Thus the argument continues that if 2012 will be the end of the world or not. 

The Hindu prophecy: End of Kali Yuga
The Hindu prophecy regarding the end of the world has ironically coincided with the Mayan prediction. This has further strengthened the belief regarding the Doomsday prediction. 

The ancient Hindus, another advanced race of the ancient time had made an advanced study of time and had divided it into four ‘Yugas’. Kali is supposed to be the last of the Yugas at the end of which the world will return to the golden phase or the Satya Yuga. 

The 10th, and the last of the avatars of Vishnu is expected to descend upon the earth to put an end to the misery of the world, to rescue and to restore it back to its golden time. 

Biblical reference
The Christian belief also seems to support the idea of the end of the world. There are strong references to the incident in the Christian texts. 

In the Book of Revelation the apocalypse has been referred as the total destruction of the world. In Bible the Apocalypse is referred as the God’s Will and it has been elaborated in the Book of Revelation. 

In the Book of Revelation it has been mentioned that the world will meet its end like ‘the thief in the night’. It has also suggested some alternative ideas about how the world will come to an end. 

There will be a global shower of Meteors which will destroy one-third of the green grass, vegetation and crops of the earth. .
An Asteroid will crash into the sea causing massive Tidal Waves and tsunami will flood the human civilization. There will be widespread famine and loss of lives due to this .
However, the Book of Revelation is silent about the probable day of the Apocalypse. Ironically there has been no mentioning of 2012 being the last year for all of us. 

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sahara Exits from all ties with BCCI

Finally a dream come true for me. Just when I thought that cricketers dont play the game upto the mark, Sahara  has made sure to exit from cricket.
This fact hopefully leads to investment from Sahara into other games, which were never cared for in India. Sahara was the only group, who came up with awards in different games and supported a lot of players monetary. Great Move by Sahara.

Monday, January 02, 2012