Thursday, March 08, 2012

And Rahul Calls it a day

The news today claim that, Rahul Dravid will call it a day tomorrow. Hats off to you. No one had to ask to you to hang up your boots. Nor was there any pressing need. Just after one bad season, he decides to call it off, especially being one of the best batsman in England, where India has a bad series.

This is strange, considering the fact that, the others who are in line for retirement and have been performing quite badly, are still wondering. We would let me wonder for sometime, but then just as Dravid's speech before the start of the Australia series was great, he ended it up with a note that people will never forget. The respect only grew.

As another of my friend pointed out today to me, another Rahul, (Gandhi), who has failed miserably in the recently concluded elections, still feels that, the future of the country still is with him. Not that, I have a say in that, but something should be learned from that debacle. Coincidently, both the Rahul's are almost of same age.

Here is the link of Dravid's speech , just before the commencement of the Series. We would miss you. (Thankfully you stay quite close to my apartment :) )