Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Perfect World - Priya Kumar

Name : The Perfect World
Author: Priya Kumar
Pages : 319
Cost : 275/-

I don't think that the review for this book is going to be easy. I had a perceived notion of this book and this book was completely different from what I had thought about it.

Let me give a short overview of the book. This story revolves around one person Niki, who is not having the best of life, in either personal nor professional life. She then manages to get into a different world, which is apparently the perfect world, called Zedius. The journey from Earth to this planet has been described in a very detailed manner. There the task is to save the perfect world, and the common myth that, when one has no problems in life, is something, one always longs for. This has been proven wrong here and Niki, who has the power to create problem where ever she goes is one of the chosen one to create problems in this perfect world so that a lively atmosphere can start in this world.

Now, having given this short briefing of the overall story in the book, its not the story which makes an impact in Priya's books. Its the thoughts which keep running in, which are detailed in a very intricate manner is what really touches you, and this book is no different. I only wish someone could put all those points in a different book and I would gladly buy that one.
Coming back to the book, its not the easiest of the book to read, unlike her previous ones. Its something which one needs to read slowly to absorb every line. Unlike her last book, this book made me fall asleep.(I don't normally fall asleep while reading). Its not easy to keep reading this book. It took close to a month to finish off this, though initially I thought that, this is not in line with her previous books and not up to the mark, I was proven wrong.
This book is at a very high spiritual level. I am pretty sure, many of you will not be able to appreciate the contents. Since I had quite a bit of knowledge of the soul power, I was able to comprehend it. The more and more pages I turned , I was wondering, how did Priya manage to learn all these concepts and based on that write a story, which is a story and at the same time, talks about highly spiritual stuff. Its not easy for a young person to know about all the contents unless she has read a lot in these areas. Not sure, how did she manage that, or is it that she is just gifted. But at the end of it, its an awesome piece of work.

Now, the million dollar question. Should you buy this book. I am not sure. As mentioned earlier, its not the easiest of the book to read. This book shouldn't be read in a hurry. You should take time and absorb every bit of it into yourself and that's the only way you will benefit from reading this. I can call it a slightly easier version than Shantaram. But its a simple story and very few characters and great insight into one's life.
If I compare my knowledge from learnings in Brahmakumaris and this book, I didn't find anything contradictory. Would definitely recommend all the followers of Brahmakumaris to read this book. It just takes one on a journey, in a virtual reality mode and can really appreciate the teachings.

As for me, I plan to read this book again and take proper notes this time so that I can use a lot of teachings in this book
Great work Priya!! Keep it up. And to be frank, my initial impression while reading the first few chapters was not the same.