Saturday, August 11, 2012

Urban Stampede 2012 - My first 5K Run

 It was only a 5k run, which was actually a relay accumulating to 20k by 4 participants. It being my first, and for most of us in office, we all did practice a lot. Some by running in a near by park and some on the threadmill. Nevertheless, it was all an experience not to be forgotten by me.

The day ie 5th Aug, started by leaving from home at 5am with my friend Dharma. Having not met him for last 5 years or so and since he is a very familiar name in the Bangalore marathon's he too wanted to come and see the the Urban Stampede for the first time.
The activity at the Clarks Exotica Resort was in full action when the sun just seemed to come up.

The first pic of the day with our colleagues. CSGI had 28 members which formed the 7 teams.

Runners for Life (RFL) had organised this event and as per their impeccable standards, every detail is taken into account for the runners. There were enough water holes along with bananas and biscuits to charge one self with energy. The changing rooms, the rest rooms and the baggage counters were well organised. 
To accommodate 1500 enthusiastic runners is definitely not a small task and I must say that the event was very well organised. With every passing year, the number of runners for each of the 5k runs or the 10k runs is only increasing by the day.

The Run started at 7:00 AM and with the first 18 minutes, the first runner from the Toyota Kirloskar company came back. It was amazing to see such record pace and as is the history, they have been winning the competition from the past few years.

Here are the few of the race pictures and pictures after the completion of the Race.

Rakesh, Aditya, Nitesh and me enjoying a lite moment.

The atmosphere, in the early part of the morning before the race.

The Starting line
The early finishers at the finish line.. Guess from Toyota group.

The part of the CSGI group on the stage after completion of Race

With the Medal
Another group photo..