Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Reverse Journey

Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789381115350
Pages: 122
Price: 95.0

Came to know of this book, through a link in TOI. Probably that indeed was a good indication of what the would be eventually be.

This book by Vivek Kumar Singh , talks of his own experiences in India and in USA. The way he was bought up, his family background and his way of life in Bangalore and then in USA. There isnt much in this book, that one doesn't know. Its as good as me writing about my experiences in Bangalore and in USA.
But then, he has done some good collection of experiences and gone into a little details of the differences between the two countries and the way of thinking. Again something that most of us do know.

There are a few punch lines which I liked and probably that would be the only thing thats a take away from this book.

When I read the article about this book in newspaper, I was expecting something that an IITian would write. But then I was highly disappointed. Maybe Chetan Bhagat has set the standard a bit too high.

Should one go for reading this book. Well its a small book, more like a small self help book. The cost really doesn't justify the content nor the number of pages.

I managed to pick it up from for a cheaper price of 57 INR(No shipping charges), while the cost in flipcart was 85/- I dont think 85 plus 30 for shipping would do justice for this book.