Sunday, April 15, 2012

Going out of the way ...

Helping is a nature everyone loves to do, no matter what kind of person he or she is. Its one of the basic  nature of the soul. Peace, happiness, simplicity, helping are a few of them. There are so many things that one want to do, seeing the outside world. We want to help the poor, the needy and other such people. The reaction sometime differ when its asked for and when one wants to do it out of your own will. Very often, when you get a call from one of the tele-marketing folks asking you to contribute, you don't really feel like doing it. Basically, since, its not out of your own willingness. From the Karmic concept also, the value of giving sometimes, adds to your account, only when its done with your whole heartedness.

Apart from helping the poor and needy, there are another set of people, who needs help. This help is more required in today's world. Its the stability that needs to be given at a non-physical or non-materialistic level. Its more at a spiritual level. With the current state of affairs in personal or work life, everyone is more and more stressed out. Some amount of help is needed by everyone, and there is a definite need to help each other to control the things from getting out. That's where your family and peers come in play. They need to regulate the stress levels and ease out the problems. Having said that, not that every one who gives the support is one without any problems. They also have their own share of problems.

I have seen people who have gone out of the way to help others in their personal problems and giving them a sense of stability. But then as karmic account's hold for each other, everyone can help another, until the point they are supposed to settle their karmic account's for each other. You would see that, though one does try and want to help someone else, the person at the receiving side, doesn't really accept the help. This is what happens when the karmic accounts between them probably has been settled or even if the other person, needs to go through a phase of suffering, through which the karmic account has to be settled. This is the case when the person, will close down on taking positive vibrations from all the given sources. However practical one thinks of this perspective, its quite difficult to further pursue helping others in this state. So when one wants to help others and still the recipient doesn't accept, one should help in a spiritual manner, i.e. by giving blessings so that they are in a state of receiving help.

I have been reading a book, which is apparently a fiction book, but I attribute it to a spiritual level. Will write the review on the same, once I am done with it. But its definitely one must read, but as with any karmic account, I think only the person ready to receive the knowledge at that level will be able to do so.

So, when you see someone not accepting help, you need to go out of the way with your blessings ...