Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Tomorrow is Earth Day. An annual event which probably should be followed every day of your life. So for the mother earth, who has given you so much and has been bearing all our tantrums all this, time, what do you plan to do for her tomorrow.

If you haven't made up your mind as yet, then these are a few things
  1. Avoid taking the car/bike out. Since its a sunday, might be quite possible
  2. Reduce the amount of water you are wasting. Use as per your requirement, but just don't waste
  3. Use electricity only when needed. Use the TV a little less. Go for a walk rather than watching TV.
  4. Use less plastics. Especially while shopping, Carry a bag with you. 
  5. Avoid wasting paper tissues at restaurant, use them judiciously or use your kerchief
  6. Take the stairs rather then the elevator. If you see an elevator running, then you might as well use it :) 
  7. If you use match sticks for lighting your gas stove or cigarettes, use a flame which is already being lit in the house. One match stick used less  by a lot of people, would mean some benefit to the trees some where.
  8. Enjoy the evening walks rather than the TV or Facebook. Go out and meet people and friends.
  9. Use your mobile a little less
  10. Avoid using plastic or paper cups for tea/coffee. A regular mug would help a little bit more.
These are just some of the tips. Just do your bit wherever you can and that will be carried forward for a long time.