Monday, February 23, 2009

Slumdog Wins 8 Oscars

A terrific day in the history of Indian Cinema. 8 Oscars by a movie which is dominated by Indians and in a movie based on Mumbai and India. Mixed emotions from me. I am elated by the thought that AR Rehman has won 2 Oscars and the same about Rusel , who won for the Sound and Mixing.
Its worth the praise, and both of them deserved it.

But as of the Movie winning this prize and the movie becoming so famous is not something which I am too happy about. This movie is about India, no doubts. But it mainly highlights the extremes of India. Why is this movie , which is show casing , the slum areas in India, the negatives around it etc making such waves.

Another thought that came in my mind is the Booker Prize winning book The White Tiger , Again, this book also talks about India and mostly the negatives about India. Again, I dont deny that this are false stories. They are all but truth. But my simple question is that, In two different leagues, each Independent of each other, both have reached the top level, and both are showcasing the same stuff about India as a whole.

Is this what the world loves to see and read ????

Am not too happy about this fact ..