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FM Stations for Hindi Songs

Please find the list of FM channels .
RadioTarana-NewZealand ==> mms://
106.2 HUMFM - UAE ==>
RadioOfIndia - Bollywood ==>
RadioOfIndia - Bhajans ==>
RadioOfIndia - Classical ==>
DesiSoundz - India ==>
Sabras radio - UK ==>
Haagstad Radio - Holand ==> mms://
RadioTeenTaal - Paris ==>
ApnaRadio - USA ==>
BombayBeats FM ==>
Punjabi Radio - UK ==>
Amrit Bani - UK ==>
Yarr Radio - UK ==> mms://
Sunrise FM - UK ==>
Radio XL - UK ==>
Asian Gold Radio - UK ==>
Asian Sound Radio - UK ==>
Sanskar Radio - UK ==>
Trishul 90.5 FM ==>
Radio Apni Awaz ==> mms://
Radio India - Canada ==> mms://
City 101.6 FM - Dubai ==>
DDLive Video - India ==>
AajKal - Asian Network ==>
BBC News ==>

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A relaxed weekend

18th June
It was a weekend that I wanted to relax at home. The past two weekends have been a bit hectic as we had been seeing places. Though nice, they were a bit tiresome. This weekend I had just planned to just be in Galway and probably go for some shopping.
Saturday morning I went to office to finish off some of my personal work. After a quick lunch we headed for the city. Did some shopping and lots of window shopping. We did check out some new places in the city center. We explored some short cuts to the city centre from our place too. But then just as luck would have , it started to rain.
We had some shopping to be done at Tesco, hence we hurried quickly on our bicycles to tesco. Quickly picked up some stuff and hurried home. The rain had increased considerably since then. We reached home all drenched, but then I did enjoy it. Cycling was indeed fun in the rains. I made some hot tea for myself. From that time, the rains didn’t seem to stop at all. All our Sunday plans were gone for a toss. We had to buy some essential grocery items. We just couldn’t go out. All that we did was enjoyed all the football matches. Around five after a short siesta , I discovered that the rains has stopped. We quickly hurried to the shopping center and did our shopping. Just when we were about to reach home, it started to rain again and till now it has not stopped…. I just don’t understand how come this rain has to come only on the weekend and not weekdays.
Today was Sriku’s birthday too. Though I couldn’t wish him today, I had made it a point to wish him on Friday. Well in short this was a dull and eventless weekend , I must say.

Reliance to move to GSM ?

Well it appears that Reliance will move from CDMA to GSM soon. This is in line with the new 3G products. With the existing CDMA network, it will have some problems in supporting the 3G. Hence it may switch over to GSM

What does this mean to the layman. If Reliance comes in the GSM Market, the market leader, Airtel, from Bharti , will have even stiff competition. And this could also lead to fewer number of players in the market. There could be faster switch over from ONE GSM to another a it would just be a matter of changing of SIM cards, not Handsets.

so will the call rates be less now. We in India are enjoying the cheapest rates in the whole world. But yes, there is still room of cheaper rates still, with the increase in competition.

Looks like atleast some way, the comman man is benefitting.

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One Month in Ireland

14th June 2006

Its been a month since I left from Bangalore. I really couldn’t make out that I have spent one month in this new place , Galway. And to tell the truth I like every bit of this place. First of all it is more like a village than a city. There is a lot of greenery around this place and I love the way it is maintained too. The houses make me feel that they are very much welcoming. Nice green lawns in the front.
Here the sunsets only at 9:30 at night. Which means that there is sunlight even upto 10:30 pm. And that has been my main incentive for my walks at night. I really don’t feel it is night. There is this beautiful Sports complex behind my apartment and lots of lush green grounds, and that too it is just next to a sea shore. The whole things really make me come for a walk every night. SO I make it a point to go for a walk after dinner, which I have never been able to make till date.
Our Apartment being just 2 min walk from office , is not tiring like the way we spend in battling a war in the traffic. A lot of time gets saved there and so is the energy . I never feel tired after reaching home. The only things that’s on the negative side is that the shopping complex is a bit far. Not too far from walking point of view. But yes, its about more than 1.5kms which becomes a bit too much when we shop and have to carry all the groceries all the way. It gets worse when there is a chill in the air.
Now that we have got cycles , that issue is also solved. We really haven’t gone cycling as such. But have used them conveniently for shopping etc. This weekend we do plan to go for a short trip to the beach. Wow, that feeling of cycling there just makes me feel great. Coming back to cycles, last weekend we picked up cycles. Mine cost me 200 Euros , which is like 12000/- in INR. Quite an amount, but the joy of buying a cycle after so many years didn’t make us feel that it was expensive in any manner. Infact I guess the happiness and joy was the same as when I had got my first cycle in 1st standard and I had pushed it all the way from the cycle shop to my house. I still remember the same good old days. Well , now that’s history

Other notable part of this place is that , when going for shopping we need to carry our own bags . They don’t provide plastic bags. And if needed we need to buy them which is though a small amount, but considerable. So that way no one throws away plastic here and lots of paper bags are used. All these really make this place quite environment friendly. Why don’t these habits come into us. Wont the world be a better place to be in ??

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Trip to Dublin

10th June 2006

Trip To Dublin.

Early morning on 10th June, we left for Dublin by taking a bus. We had to get endorse our return tickets to India, since the travel dates had changed. We had started from Galway at 7:30 am and reached the airport at 11:15 . Yes it really takes quite a bit of time in travelling. By the time we got our tickets endorsed and had some grub, it was 12:30. We took a local bus from the airport to the city centre. We quickly found the details of the buses which take one around for the Dublin Tour. We got into one of the Buses. The fares are quite decent ie 15 Euros, and the good part of this is that we can travel with the same ticket for 24 hours, and get off the bus anywhere on the route and get on any of their other buses. That really makes the tour really good. And the number of buses plying on the route are quite a number. At first we decided to see the complete tour and then decide where do we need to see in more detail. The trip was fantastic.
Dublin I must say is very beautiful old city with lots of rich history linked to it. Probably all the important names that we have read in our history books from the UK area have in some point of time have stayed out here. Some of them include Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill etc .
In the city we can see a huge tower. It is made up of steel and is the tallest tower in the world. On the top , for around 10 feet long , there are perforated holes in there and specially designed diodes emit light at night. It would be a lovely sight at night. There are manu statues of in the city , and each of them have a beautiful history linked in some way to Dublin. Most of them have an important hand in the development of Dublin. The dates are from the 1700 onwards. The walls of the city then built are still seen at some places, and not much of development was allowed at that time outside these walls.

Dublin is also supossed to famous for it pretty women, and hence a statue for the same is also there. And yes I did get the proof for that. The shopping areas are huge and being a weekend there was huge turnover of people. Lots of buildings in this city have a very great historic significance. One of the hospital is the first hospital built in the entire Europe. And to support the funding the hospital an entertainment zone was built just next to it. I must say that planning was really good too in those days. A huge library was also started some time in 1700 odd. It was used very extensively by Bernard Shaw and the reason that he would use it because, he didn’t want schooling to ruin his education.
One more of the important Business in Dublin which is world famous is the Guniness Brand of Beer. It was founded in 1759 and till date is one of the biggest businesses in Ireland. It would then employ around 5000 people , but now it is around 800 only due to huge amount of automation. Their store houses are immensely huge and massive. They have also started the famous Record Book, which we all know as Guiness Book of World Records, which is one of the highest selling book in the world. The founder of Guiness , I guess MR Anthony Guiness had apparently 21 kids.

Near the Guiness office and buildings there is the Phoenix Park. It is definitely one of the biggest park ever seen by me. Apparently it is twice as big as the National Park in NewYork. It is really massive. One side of the park there is a zoo, which is famous for its Lions. One of the famous Lions here is Steven, who is seen in the MGM movies banner. This park also houses some important government buildings and in one of the houses there Winston Churchill has spend his childhood. I also saw some cricket matches going on. They all played with such professionalism. All were dressed in Whites and it indeed looked like a game meant only for Gentlemens. Only if they had seen us playing in India. There is also one Huge Cross. Once Pope John Paul II had come and to attend the session one third of Ireland were present in that park. Well the park is huge enough to address such a large number of people, but it also means that the population of Ireland is not all that big. One more Surprising of this park is that, there are no gates to his park. The story goes that, when a lot of meetings were held during older times, a huge gathering would occur, and to allow the entire crowd, they would remove the gates, and later on no one knew where the gates were kept. They were never replaced later on.

These are just some of the history that I remembered on my tour. But the ,list is pretty huge. The pictures will relate some more details.
It was definitely one of the best One day trips I ever had. One day is very less to see all the places, Hence I thought that it is best just to see everything from outside and come back later some time to see in detail.

For pictures, please check this link.

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