Monday, June 19, 2006

A relaxed weekend

18th June
It was a weekend that I wanted to relax at home. The past two weekends have been a bit hectic as we had been seeing places. Though nice, they were a bit tiresome. This weekend I had just planned to just be in Galway and probably go for some shopping.
Saturday morning I went to office to finish off some of my personal work. After a quick lunch we headed for the city. Did some shopping and lots of window shopping. We did check out some new places in the city center. We explored some short cuts to the city centre from our place too. But then just as luck would have , it started to rain.
We had some shopping to be done at Tesco, hence we hurried quickly on our bicycles to tesco. Quickly picked up some stuff and hurried home. The rain had increased considerably since then. We reached home all drenched, but then I did enjoy it. Cycling was indeed fun in the rains. I made some hot tea for myself. From that time, the rains didn’t seem to stop at all. All our Sunday plans were gone for a toss. We had to buy some essential grocery items. We just couldn’t go out. All that we did was enjoyed all the football matches. Around five after a short siesta , I discovered that the rains has stopped. We quickly hurried to the shopping center and did our shopping. Just when we were about to reach home, it started to rain again and till now it has not stopped…. I just don’t understand how come this rain has to come only on the weekend and not weekdays.
Today was Sriku’s birthday too. Though I couldn’t wish him today, I had made it a point to wish him on Friday. Well in short this was a dull and eventless weekend , I must say.