Thursday, June 15, 2006

One Month in Ireland

14th June 2006

Its been a month since I left from Bangalore. I really couldn’t make out that I have spent one month in this new place , Galway. And to tell the truth I like every bit of this place. First of all it is more like a village than a city. There is a lot of greenery around this place and I love the way it is maintained too. The houses make me feel that they are very much welcoming. Nice green lawns in the front.
Here the sunsets only at 9:30 at night. Which means that there is sunlight even upto 10:30 pm. And that has been my main incentive for my walks at night. I really don’t feel it is night. There is this beautiful Sports complex behind my apartment and lots of lush green grounds, and that too it is just next to a sea shore. The whole things really make me come for a walk every night. SO I make it a point to go for a walk after dinner, which I have never been able to make till date.
Our Apartment being just 2 min walk from office , is not tiring like the way we spend in battling a war in the traffic. A lot of time gets saved there and so is the energy . I never feel tired after reaching home. The only things that’s on the negative side is that the shopping complex is a bit far. Not too far from walking point of view. But yes, its about more than 1.5kms which becomes a bit too much when we shop and have to carry all the groceries all the way. It gets worse when there is a chill in the air.
Now that we have got cycles , that issue is also solved. We really haven’t gone cycling as such. But have used them conveniently for shopping etc. This weekend we do plan to go for a short trip to the beach. Wow, that feeling of cycling there just makes me feel great. Coming back to cycles, last weekend we picked up cycles. Mine cost me 200 Euros , which is like 12000/- in INR. Quite an amount, but the joy of buying a cycle after so many years didn’t make us feel that it was expensive in any manner. Infact I guess the happiness and joy was the same as when I had got my first cycle in 1st standard and I had pushed it all the way from the cycle shop to my house. I still remember the same good old days. Well , now that’s history

Other notable part of this place is that , when going for shopping we need to carry our own bags . They don’t provide plastic bags. And if needed we need to buy them which is though a small amount, but considerable. So that way no one throws away plastic here and lots of paper bags are used. All these really make this place quite environment friendly. Why don’t these habits come into us. Wont the world be a better place to be in ??


Anonymous said...

hi...reached here thru sachin's blog.
i love to read travelogues and this post certainly dint let me down.its nice to read smthing abt Ireland frm an Indian perspective.hv bookmarked ur blog and shall look fwd to more on Ireland.nice pics too!