Monday, June 19, 2006

Reliance to move to GSM ?

Well it appears that Reliance will move from CDMA to GSM soon. This is in line with the new 3G products. With the existing CDMA network, it will have some problems in supporting the 3G. Hence it may switch over to GSM

What does this mean to the layman. If Reliance comes in the GSM Market, the market leader, Airtel, from Bharti , will have even stiff competition. And this could also lead to fewer number of players in the market. There could be faster switch over from ONE GSM to another a it would just be a matter of changing of SIM cards, not Handsets.

so will the call rates be less now. We in India are enjoying the cheapest rates in the whole world. But yes, there is still room of cheaper rates still, with the increase in competition.

Looks like atleast some way, the comman man is benefitting.