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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Personal Gadgets

So, how many gadgets do you carry with your every day ?

  1. The Ubiquitous Smart Phone
  2. The Laptop/Tablet( Dont see the tablets much these days..)
  3. The Power Bank
  4. The Health Bands( which measures all the heart beats , sleep and what not)

These are the few normally everyone carries on themselves every single day. 

Then to add to these, we have the corresponding chargers to charge them all. So, all around your table or the side table around your bed, you will see, a series of these charges going all over the place. 

If the TV or the Wi-Fi Router is also in the same place, then god save you. 

Then came a time, I was frustrated to see all the wires around and I really didnt want more of them. Just for the phone and the laptop seemed okay to me, as they are the important gadgets which I use and consider them to be useful for me.

One fine day, on my birthday, my dear wife, gave me a present, which was a nice watch. It was of Titan Juxt series. I used them for a couple of days, and found the features to be good. I am a person, who still likes to wear wrist watches and that too of analog types. Am not a fan of the digital watches.

So, for using these, the first thing I had to do was,  charge  the watch. Another Charger and more importantly another device to be charged. The very thought of that kind of put me off. I used the watch for a couple of days. Yes, I could see my whatsapp messages on it, connected to my phone via bluetooth. But didn't make much sense as I could see it on my mobile also which was anyways, with me. Then it also acts like a pedometer and calculates the steps which I traverse. Again the Google Fit app, also does something similar, but then I dont carry the phone all over the place, but the watch is with me, most of the time. 
But do I really need that accuracy ? Not really..

So, in just a couple of days of using the nice watch, I returned it and got myself a nice Xylys watch. It was a nice and elegant swiss watch, and I think I was just feeling better to wear something, which didnt get in touch with your skin to calculate the different statistics of my body. No, I dont want something like that to be on my body 24 hours.

Probably I am still the old fashioned guy, but I must admit, I like it that way.

The gadgets are great, but I feel, one should know the limits as to how much one should be dependent on that, and how many of them, one  should wear on my body.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nokia Phone 3310

Nokia has recently announced that, its planning to come out with one of its best sellers ie Nokia 3310.
It was one of their best phones and I completely agree with it. Though my first phone was Nokia 5110, a huge phone, I never used a 3310. But yes, it was a brilliant piece. The question, which I was wondering today, during my drive back home, was, will I like to buy that phone, assuming its value for money...
Well, the answer is probably No.

If you ask me, which phone of Nokia, I would like to have back, then clearly it would be Nokia 6610.
I think, it was one of the classy phone and very very elegant looking one.

So my feedback to Nokia would be 6610

Any comments ? Any favourite mobile of yours which you want back..Hope its not Moto Razr :)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Martyr's Day

23rd March 1931 - The day when Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev had willingly sacrificed their life for freedom of India from the Britishers, so that we can live in a free India.

Years later, today when we see the things happening around us, I sometimes wonder whether the sacrifice they made, have we really valued it ? Is this the India they had envisaged while they took the brave step ? I am saddened to say, no, we haven't.

Today while watching a program on TV, which show cases the lives of famous bandits during the British Era, I see that, two brave guys, who so called turned into Bandits, to loot the Britishers or those Landlords who were supporting the English. And the money they looted was shared among the other poor people, who were continuously harassed either by these landlords or the Britishers.
Finally, the British manages to catch them , but only after one of the insiders reveal their secrets to them,

Isn't it sad that, always Britishers have managed to play the divide and rule and get their job done. But do we really blame them ? Isnt it really who support the British who are the actual traitors of India ?
And yes they exist even till today.

I mean I see such people, even today in our offices. They are the so called Project Managers who aceept almost everything what their bosses sitting in US/UK are dictating and then without battling a eyelid agree to everything. They will hardly say no to them and make the teams here slog a lot to get the job done. Would these todays traitors  do the same against their Firangi bosses ? No. They don't . Infact they leave no stone unturned to lick their shoes when they come to India. Its sometimes so embarassing to see our own people dance to their tunes, not really because the Firangis ask them, but more to, on their own will.
Somewhere deep down, they still want to be slaves of the English, irrespective whether the English want them or not.

Its an incident which happened today in office made me write this post.

Sorry Bhagat Singh, Rajguru  and Sukhdev. We probably didn't live up to your expectations.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rahul to Canvas for Karnataka Elections

After gaining the expertise in canvassing for UP Elections and the not so recent 2014 Parliamentary Elections, Rahul has Indeed become a seasoned Election Campaigner.  And time and again, its proven that whenever he actively participates in the Election Campaign, it has given positive results for them.

Keeping this in mind and also the elections coming in Karnataka, the next year, they would definitely want Rahul to campaign aggressively in Karnataka . After all, Its the largest state which has Congress Rule. So things can’t be taken lightly especially here.

But at the same time, its been constantly observed that, whichever Government Rules in Karnataka in the past few elections, its always the other party which rules at the Centre. So, somewhere its a bone of contention, whether a win in Karnataka is good or not.

But then, this time the party in question has to win Karnataka, and that too by Majority, and going by the things which have turned, in the past 5 years, its not something which is difficult.

Hence, the BJP Senior Leadership has done all the arrangements and financing for Rahul to do complete campaigning in Karnataka and they have without doubts agree, that, if Rahul Campaigns, BJP can never lose. He is their real TRUMP card after all.

PS: Please note, this article is purely a Satire and meant for entertainment purpose only.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Isn't this a interesting month ? February.

It's good in two ways for the employees, not really for the employers or who earn from business.. It's definitely negative for them, and for the same reasons, it was good for employees.

So why is good for employees?

One only has to work for 28/29 days, while still getting paid for the whole month.
And then, many of the variable expenses get reduced, as there are two or three less days than regular month.

Just looking at the positive side, from my perspective

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Disappointing Budget 2017

Probably one of the much awaited and hyped budget, and definitely, nothing in it for the Salaried Class.

This Budget has made me think that, yes, probably those who don't pay taxes are the lucky ones as they earn what they can and use it rather than paying taxes. The Salaried people were left high and dry.

Jaitley indicated in the Budget speech that, most of the tax payers are indeed Salaried, but absolutely nothing in for them. Even if there was no major change in the tax slabs or the cuts, people were hoping for some benefits, maybe in the conveyance, investments under 80ccc or medical insurance or anything, in that area. But then just nothing. 

I am highly disappointed today, and the faith that, Modi had indeed done a great thing by demonetization, has been somewhere eclipsed. 

Either they should have started to collect taxes from more people, or reduced the amount from salaried. Something should have been done. But I guess, its the vote that matters at the end of the day and nothing else.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why I dont Prefer Airasia to travel anymore

Over a  period time, I have started to dislike the Service Provided by Airasia flights and to be more precise, on the seat allocation.

Though I would like to add, their aircraft are good and the in-flights service has been good.

This issue which I am highlighting is quite frequent, or maybe always.  Most of the times, when I try to do an online check-in I almost end up getting an error, if I try and choose the *free* seats. Its only once I have been able to check-in correctly. So, I gave up checking in online for the free seats.

But then when I go to the counter, they will make sure to tell you, that they cant provide us with adjacent seats at all, and if I need I will need to pay. If I tell them to give me the free seats itself, then the next step would be give me discounts on that seat selection fee. That's when we end up going for the paid seats.

The last couple of time, I told them , to give me the *free* seats, they made sure to give me seats far away from each other. Their intention has been regularly to cause you discomfort on that front and make you pay. And at the same time, the folks at the check-in counter will try their best to make sure you pay, even at the cost of the keeping the queue on hold.

The Incident when I would to be specific here is that, I was told that *only* the last row seats are available and there the push back seats are not available. Hence I would need to pay, to get seats which have push back :) Now, isn't this pushing the limit ? 
And when I board the flight, I see a lot of empty seats:) 

But that's not the case with Indigo or Go Air. Their online check-in system has been very good, and also , even when I have not been able to check-in, they do try to make sure, to give us seats together.

That's when my last preference in the selection of the Airline has been #Air Asia.

Shouldnt the Taxation be done differently ?

In todays date, when all the eyes are set on the budget 2017, and the main component, which everyone is looking for is a cut in the taxation rates and the slabs. Well, thats something which even I have been looking for. However, just reducing the taxation, will it not hamper the amount the government will eventually have for the various programs ?

Rather than just reducing the tax rates for the majority of the salaried and other tax payers, why cant we have a much lower slab, which will make sure, a huge number of people pay a small amount of tax.

Say, if one is earning around 1 lakh a year, currently this person will not be paying any taxes. And I suppose a huge number of people are in this bracket. So why cant the government charge a very nominal tax amount say 1% or 0.5%. When we have huge numbers of these, will it not help everyone.

Why should only the middle segment people who are primarily in the salaried class bear all the wrought, when dealing with taxes.
When we have more and more people paying taxes , though very small amount, it will be better for the overall growth of the country , rather than taxing only a few.

The bigger and the more important part of taxation, is when, the amount paid, should be reflected in the amenities which is provided for the people. Only then every one will eventually like to pay

I do hope that, this does happen eventually.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Sairat songs recording

Even though you might have watched the movie "Sairat" and heard the songs unlimited times, this was one link, which really made me appreciate every score of the song, which probably I hadn't noticed with that detail, which it deserved.

Let me know your views once you have watched the above video.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Omron HBF-212 Body Composition Scale - Review

This is the first time I am reviewing a product on my blog. I did feel to do so, as I really loved the product and found it really worth the money.

The Omron HBF-212, is a weighing scale, if you think so, and that's the reason, I purchased it, But looking at the reviews on, I did feel that, its much more than just a weighing scale and also a body composition meter.

Most of folks had rated the body composition meter to be fairly accurate. And I would like to add that, I do echo their views. I really can't say that the measurements of the fat composition in the body, is accurate, but it does give a fair estimate.

Apart from the weight and the fat composition, it also provides estimates of the Visceral Fat and Muscle composition. They both are fairly accurate.

And then the BMI (Body Mass Index) is also displayed along with the Body age. The Body age is apparently, perceived age of the body, based on the current state, and that figure can actually make you get out of the home and get doing the physical exercises.

I would highly recommend buying this, as along with a nice features, its very elegant in the looks department and value for money.

The machine can store the details of upto 4 people, and their details can be stored. So, every time you want to calculate all the stats, you just go to your profile and stand on it and you get all the details.

And then there is a Guest mode where the details are not stored.

A wonderful product, is all I can summarize :)

Friday, July 08, 2016

And then comes another situation...

Just when one thinks and over comes one of the episode, of a Cancer related case, of some one distant, another one comes closer.

We have seen cancer cases, and how they have fought. But then hearing about it and facing it and seeing someone close to you suffer are two different things.

While discussing with one of the close colleagues, about a cancer issue with his near one, he almost came to tears. Not something, one would think of him in that way. The burden of going through it, followed by other regular mundane indeed does take a toll.

That half an hour of discussion, was definitely not as easy one for me. As I needed to know about the gravity of the situation as well as the impact on the work, and it wasn't easy dealing with both together.

A moment comes, when you think, of the whole issue at the philosophical level and try and use the learning which you have got over the years , especially for the law of karma and to somewhere to try to disconnect with the pain, by going into the spiritual level. But when the person, who is next to you in the same house, none of these come and all that we can do, is live in reality.

Is there a solution to this deadly disease called cancer. Not sure. But yes, a few basic things are always there which we should probably follow at the basic level.

  • Get yourself checked up at regular intervals
  • Eat good and healthy food
  • Eat fruits and vegetables which are good in killing the cancer cells
  • Go for regular dose of exercise. They make the cells which kill the cancer cells stronger

Monday, June 20, 2016

Plan for another Escapade - Rajasthan

While, we have already crossed the half year mark, almost, and still there hasn't been a travel plan in place as yet, for this year. So, I thought, I might as well put a plan in place.

Having touched most of the continents, somewhere deep down, I do feel, that, there is more to our own country, which I haven't touched and seen and needs to be covered.

This time, I decided to try out a place, in the northern part of India. I am thinking of Rajasthan, mainly to cover Jaipur and Udaipur. Its always been a dream of my mom to visit Udaipur and I think the next place should be that place.

Well, as I am doing my little exercise of finding the place and the means to go , I am finding it all the more exciting to pen down my thoughts. It feels, I am actually doing a virtual tour out there :)

The plan is to take a Domestic Airlines from Bangalore to Jaipur. My favorite and cost effective flight being Indigo Airlines. I simply love the punctuality of Indigo compared to any of the other Lost Cost Carriers.

Am planning to keep this trip to around 5 days and not more than that, as beyond that, its going to be tiring for parents.

As for the hotel booking, I normally use one of the online travel booking sites, along with some inputs from Tripadvisor. More importantly, once I book, after a couple of days, I call up the hotel and cross-verify that the hotel has been actually booked. I have been through a bad experience and hence I do this exercise. I also look for coupons on the sites, which will give me a lot of discounts on the hotels. Especially on, one would see them on top of their site.

Coming to the places to visit, one of the places, which I always wanted to see in Jaipur was 'Hawa Mahal'.  This place has a lot of historic value and I would like to see this place in detail, and take some nice photographs in the evening. I would want to use my new wide angle  canon lens(17 mm)  which I have recently picked up :)

Coming to the Food, I do love to try out the various dishes in a new place. After checking with a few of my friends in Jaipur, they recommended me to definitely try the 'Peacock Roof Top Restaurant'. The pictures of the restaurant look to be good.

The other places, which I plan to visit in the next days are -

  • Jantar Mantar
  • Jal Mahal
  • City Palace , Jaipur.

The next leg our journey would be to Udaipur.

There are a couple of options to reach Udaipur from Jaipur. One being Train. There seems to be few trains available and since the journey takes around 7-8 hours, it would be ideal to take a night train.
The other options being , to hire a car/taxi and go out there. The route by Road, seems to take lesser time, around 6 hours. I normally prefer the train and the odds of choosing the train are higher.
It's just a little less stressful, when travelling by train than road, especially for the elders.

The places, which I would plan to visit in Udaipur -

  • City Palace of Udaipur
  • Lake Pichola
  • Bagore Ki Haveli
  • Jagadish Temple.

These are the important places, which I have given higher priority and would probably limit to these itself.

Though, when we think of Rajasthan, we normally tend to think that, its a place we will see more of vegetarian dishes. But that thought process has changed over the years. I did see that, there are a lot of non-vegetarian dishes, which are prepared in Rajasthan. Though, I would say, I would tend to enjoy the vegetarian dishes more.

More than seeing more and more monuments, I would rather go around the place, especially walking and trying to know and gather information of the local food and the habits. Over so many years of travelling, that's one thing,that has always made me the enthusiastic to know more and more of the local culture.
Also, I do use the books from Lonely Planet a lot, and use them to know the historical information of the places which I see. It makes a lot more sense, when we relate a place with its history , rather than just the architectural marvel.

While, I have planned for the trip, I would soon put it into execution and will also followup with the article, along with my own set of pictures.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Sialkot Saga - By Ashwin Sanghi - Book Review

Book Name : The Sialkot Saga
Author : Ashwin Sanghi
Pages : Around 600

I had read the two of his earlier books, Chanakya's chant and the Krishna Key, and I blindly picked up this book, from a store and not really Amazon, as I couldn't really wait :)

The book in a couple of words, I can is a good read. And would recommend to read it.
Gives a good glimpse of the history, right from the Partition till the recent past.

But, at the same time, its very close to a couple of books by Jeffrey Archer. Though the story is entirely based in India, but one can remember Kane and Abel or the Fourth Estate, while reading this book. And then there is  almost every event from India's history, linked throughout the story.
That is something, which I didn't like of this book. Reminded me the movie by Shahid Kapoor or rather Pankaj Kapoor's 'Mausam'. That movie was essentially, one in which all the main characters of the movie, we present at all the major disasters across the world. This book also, does something similar. The detest of that movie, I guess to quite an extent, would influence this review.

The story starts of two people, who had come to India, on the past train from Pakistan where, everyone on the train were killed. One of the worst events in the history of the India-Pakistan Partition.  Then starts a parallel story, of these two wizards, one from a middle class background coming up the financial ladder and the other coming from the underworld kind of background. The story, is gripping at each point of time and at no point, did feel like keeping it down.

The only place, where one can  feel  , 'Ashwin Sanghi, as per his previous books, is when there is a detailed discussion of the important project done by a Burmese , to increase the longitivity of human life. Thats the only place, I could feel Ashwin.  All throughout the other time, though I was reading the story, I was going back to the Jeffrey Archer or Mausam movie:)

This would give an idea of the book, mainly a struggle of two individuals coming from Pakistan and their story, mainly the rivalry between the two, and still at heart they were different. And then you also see their story of their kids and , yeah, its kind of the typical hindi movies :)

So, this book appears that, its written so, that, it can be converted into a Bollywood movie.
Well, looking at Jeffrey Archer, it would be a success, while, if you look at 'Mausam' movie, then it's likely to be something else.

Go for the book and if you are born in the late 70's or early 80's , its a nostalgic walk through for the past few decades :)

Go ahead and read it!!!

Friday, April 01, 2016

April Fools day

Not sure, why this day is called the April Fools day. Yes there have been many stories, but having said that, yes we all need to know that, at some moment of time , you have been fooled.
Fooled in more than one way. Some are near white lies, and some open brute lies and then you do take some word for it. Not really because, you really didnt know that, they were lies. But just because, it was easy to move out of that situation, assuming it was the truth rather than the lie.

Things change, people change. But at the end of it, you need to deal with , what comes your way on your own.

A fools day is probably a reminder to you to tell you, that its sometimes better to live a fools life than a known educated one, since most of the times, even knowing everything, you are equally helpless.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Spend Less

Looks like a simple thing , but it isn't. I was reading a post on quora and that mentioned, that everytime, we get a hike in our salaries/income, we tend to spend more on the luxuries than the basic necessities.  I am not sure, if thats a general rule, but I do for sure see, if quite frequently.

Just a couple of hours back, in our apartment, there was a Maruti's camp , which had a couple of cars on display. I test drove the Wagon R, automatic variant.  When I was leaving, the sales person told me to buy it soon, before the year ends as the prices of all the vehicles will go up in the next month (next year actually).  No, I dont have any plans to buy a new car :)

Putting both these together, if we dont spend much on these cars, don't you think that the prices of the cars will come down, with the lesser demand.  Agree, there are other factors like rising raw material cost and others. But in general, if the demand is less the prices will be less.

In summary, only buy what you need, and not really all the luxuries, all the time ( Buy when you wish to once in a while). Don't make it a habit.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nice Post on Quora

Found an Interesting Post on Quora and thought will keep it documented it here.

What I can do in my 20s that will benefit my future self ?
  1. Fall in love. Fail in love. You will understand what is love.
  2. Go early. Be late. You will understand what is time.
  3. Be at home. Be away from home. You will understand what is mother's care.
  4. Travel with family. Travel alone. You will understand what is loneliness.
  5. Be miser. Be spendthrift. You will understand who is friend. You will understand what does money mean in life to you.
  6. Attend the classes. Bunk the classes. You will understand both make no difference. (You will start studying on your own).
  7. Be idle. Read about stuff. You will understand the importance of reading and awareness. (when you have to shut your mouth in a group for lack of data to speak about).
  8. Use smartphone. Use symbian. You will understand how much time you wasted on selfies and shitty games.
  9. Use Facebook. Use Quora. Enough said!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pottery Town

As a part of the Photography Event organised in our company, we decided to try out the long pending place to shoot this beautiful creativity.
Indeed, we were lucky to see this person , just about to start his daily work .

The only sad part is that, we no longer have the manual wheels - We only see the motorized one. But in this age, maybe, its more convenient too..

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday, March 06, 2015

The Celebration of Holi

Holi is celebrated at the approach of vernal equinox,on the Phalguna Poornima (Full Moon day). The festival date varies every year, as  per the Hindu calendar, and typically comes in March, sometimes February in the Gregorian Calendar. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive and repair the ruptured relationships.

Holi celebrations start with a Holika bonfire on the night before Holi where people gather, sing and dance. The next morning is a free-for-all carnival of colours, where participants play, chase and colour each other with dry powder and coloured water, with some carrying water guns and coloured water-filled balloons for their water fight. Anyone and everyone is a fair game, friend or stranger, rich or poor, man or woman, children and elders. The frolic and fight with colours occurs in the open streets, open parks, outside temples, apartments and buildings. Groups carry drums and musical instruments, go from place to place, sing and dance. People visit family, friends and foes to throw colours on each other, laugh and chit-chat, then share Holi delicacies, food and drinks. In the evening, after sobering up, people dress up, visit friends and families.


Here is a symbolic legend to explain why Holi is well celebrated as a colour fest. The word "Holi" originates from "Holika", the evil sister of demon king Hiranyakashipu ( not Hiranya Kashyap - the corect name is Hiranya Kashipu). King Hiranyakashipu had earned a boon that made him virtually indestructible. The special powers blinded him, he grew arrogant, thought he himsef was God, and demanded that everyone worship him as God.
Hiranyakashipu's own son, Prahlada, however, disagreed. He  remained devoted to Vishnu. This infuriated Hiranyakashipu. He subjected Prahlada to cruel punishments, none of which affected the boy or his resolve to do what he thought was right. Finally, Holika - Prahlada's evil aunt - tricked him into sitting on a pyre with her. Holika was wearing a cloak (shawl) that made her immune to injury from fire, while Prahlada was not. As the fire roared, the cloak flew from Holika and encased / protected Prahlada. Holika burned, Prahlada survived. Vishnu appeared in the form of  “NARASIMHA”,  the Man-lion,” and killed Hiranyakashipu. The bonfire is a reminder of the symbolic victory of good over evil, of Prahlada over Hiranyakashipu, of fire that burned Holika. The day after Holika bonfire is celebrated as Holi.

In Braj region of India, where Krishna grew up, the festival is celebrated for 16 days (until  Rang Panchami) in commemoration of the divine love of Radha for Krishna. The festivities officially usher in spring, with Holi celebrated as festival of love.  There is a symbolic myth behind commemorating Krishna as well. Baby Krishna transitioned into his characteristic dark blue skin colour because a she demon Putana poisoned him with her breast milk.  In his youth, Krishna despairs whether fair skinned Radha and other Gopikas (girls) will like him because of his skin colour. His mother, tired of the desperation, asks him to approach Radha and colour her face in any colour he wanted. This he does, and Radha and Krishna became a couple. The playful colouring of the face of Radha has henceforth been commemorated as Holi. Beyond India, these legends to explain the significance of Holi (Phagwah) are common in some Caribbean and South American communities of Indian origin such as Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago.
Holi festival has other cultural significance. It is the festive day to end and rid oneself of past errors, end conflicts by meeting others, a day to forget and forgive. People pay or forgive debts, as well as deal anew with those in their lives. Holi also marks the start of spring, and for many the start of new year.
Holi is of particular significance in the Braj region, which includes locations traditionally connected to the Lord Krishna:- Mathura, Vrindavan, Nandgaon, Uttar Pradesh, and Barsana.
Outside India, Holi is observed by the minority Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan as well in countries with large Indian subcontinent diaspora populations such as Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Mauritius, and Fiji. The Holi rituals and customs outside South Asia also vary with local adaptations.
Traditionally, in rural Karnataka, children collect money and wood in the weeks prior to Holi, and on "Kamadahana" night all the wood is put together and lit. The festival is celebrated for two days. People in north Karnataka prepare special food on this day.

In Sirsi City, Karnataka, Holi is celebrated with a unique folk dance called “Bedara Vesha ( Hunters’ Fancy Dress )”, which is performed during the five nights beginning five days before the actual festival day. The festival is celebrated every alternate year in the town, which attracts a large number of tourists from different parts of the India.
In Karnataka’s  villages and towns, days before the festival people, particularly children and adolscents, start stealing and gathering wood and combustible materials for the bonfire in parks, community centers, near temples and other open spaces. On top of the pyre is an effigy to signify Kaamadeva / Manmatha, who tricked Shiva in to loving  Paarvati. Then Shiva burns Manmatha with the fire from  his third eye.
In Karnataka, it is not Holika Dahan, but it is called KAAMA DAHAN. It signifies the  burning of lust, evil and bad desires.

In Safe Haven

Just when I thought that, it was one of the toughest day in office, I realized, I was wrong. Driving the car from the office premises on to the main road, was not as easy as it looked. Slowly and surely, as I braved my way through the traffic on the busy roads of Bangalore, I thought to myself, "Its Just Another Day". The music playing in the radio, didn't help me sooth my nerves, infact the 'Prank Calls' which the Radio Stations use to make someone's like miserable, made my blood boil. Why can't they help people live in peace? But then I guess, its not always the thoughts that matter, but more often it's the money that matters.

I rolled my car, into the easily maneuverable car park of my apartment, I felt a sense of safety. Yes, that's the way, I wanted my car park to be.Safe. Simple to get in and easy to move out. As I pressed '21' numbered button on the elevator, I knew what awaited me, as I would get into my home. Yes, I would call it my home and not just a house. The serenity and the calmness which I get as I enter my home, is sheer bliss. I helped myself, with a cup of green tea and stretched myself on the easy chair in the balcony. With a Kindle in my hand and the hot cup of coffee in the other, I enjoyed the fast moving traffic on the electronic city flyover. Wasn't I there on the very same road, a few minutes ago? And no, it didn't feel so great, as I am feeling at this very moment, looking at the very same road. The perspective has changed. I am now away from the 'fast lanes' of life into the Safe Haven.

As I start to gaze at the open sky right, with the crescent moon being the 'star' attraction, I begin to wonder, why does the moon , so small in size, yet looks so amazing with the countless stars, behind it, which in actual are much much bigger. Yes, the perspectives do matter. The seemingly tall coconut tree, seems quite short from the height I am seeing. The swaying the huge leaves adds a further chill in the already cold Bangalore weather. The shouting of the kids playing down in the kids play area, the splashing of the water by a novice swimmer, breaks the train of my thoughts. My focus shifts from admiring the nature to that of people around me. Those who bring in life to a life. If the serenity of nature, brings in peace, its the din and bustle, which adds fizz to the life. Both are important, in appropriate proportions. I am glad ,I took the right decision to buy a humble abode which would suit my requirement in the long run.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Journey Or Destination

One of the common questions - What does one like, is it the destination or the journey. Yes, we all look for the destination and that's the target. But then, if you read some books or quotes, you will always hear that, its the Journey that's interesting and to focus on the journey and not the Destination

A few of the quotes, if you search for Journey's and Destinations

"Focus on the Journey, Not the Destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it"

"Life Is a Journey, not a Destination"

And needless to say, over a period of time, and in "live" examples, like Driving to a nice vacation, I have personally enjoyed the drive and the views on the way, much more than the destination.
So, I have sort of believed in this philosophy of enjoying the Journey and not the destination.

But today , I have a different view point on this same philosophy.
What if one enjoys the journey so much, that he just doesn't feel like reaching the destination.
What if one loves the activity in the Journey so much, that, reaching the destination, is something, one is scared off, and just tries to move away from it, as much as possible?

I know, I am thinking a little off-beat, but somewhere this thought has occured and ever since I have been thinking of this thought process.

In today's world, I do feel that there are many, who love the journey so much that reaching the destination seems to be the most boring part, and due to this easily found knowledge, seeking the enjoying seems to be more important than reaching the target. Yes, we all know that, journey is fun, but we do need to reach the destination.

Love to hear your views on this..Looking for your comments.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sunday, February 01, 2015

One Evening at Olive Beach, Bangalore

The quintessential dinner at the Olive BEach, Bangalore. I would let the pictures talk a bit :)

The watermelon Mock-tail

The Vegetarian Platter

                                           The Cheese Cake

The only dish, I didn't like much was the cheese cake. The rest of the dishes were great. Its just that the food is bit heavy on the purse.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Indiblogger Meet - Jan 2015

We all go for different places or locales for entertainment. We also go to certain forums to get ideas and learn more, but when it comes to a Bloggers meet, its a different high. Its like an ocean of people, who have complete freedom to express whatever they want.. and whats more important - they are all together at one place. Just imagine the energy level of the place.  And if there is anything still amiss, thats taken care by the Indiblogger team. Wow. What an event.  Simply loved this event after a very long time.
And to be true - this was one event, in which we were talking closely about blogging rather than the , just the sponsor, and I think that should be the core of every bloggers meet.

Coming to the Sponsor of the event, ASUS, they came with a set of notebooks and PC's which were meant for home use. I liked both, with respect to the size and the usability.
The notebook was nice and sleek, and promised of a 12 hour battery life, which definitely makes it a great buy, also the weight. I found these two parameters for which I could for it, especially for my travel needs. I also liked the PC, but not the one on display. Primarily due to the size and also the RAM. Would have preferred bigger size, considering its a lifestyle product and just not another PC. And then in this age of laptops, I still love a PC, but it should have better capabilities than the laptop. The 2 GB RAM was not impressive, but they do have a one with 4GB and higher screen size, Maybe that's the one I would go for.

The number of games created,only so that we all bloggers meet each other was really thoughtful.
And then to end the same, there was a lovely dinner spread and couldn't have been a better evening spend than a bunch of bloggers, each one weird in its own unique way.

Hope to meet most of all, including the host Anoop and the Anwin in all subsequent Indiblogger meets.

But yes, sadly... we didnt get any T-shirts this time:( Even though they added more data into their databases with the size of the T-shirt :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

10 of My Favorite Books

A long standing Facebook request - to document 10 of the favorite books which I have read -
So, here it it... though not in any given order, purely random as I tried to recollect from my memory.

  1. Outliers : The Story of Success - Malcolm Gladwell
  2. Iacocca : An Autobiography by Lee Iacocca
  3. The Toyota Way : Jeffrey Liker
  4. Five Point Someone - Chetan Bhagat
  5. Gods ,Kings and Slaves : The Siege of Madurai - R-Venkatesh
  6. Chanakya's Chant - Ashwin Sanghi
  7. Kane and Abel - Jeffrey Archer
  8. I am another you - Priya Kumar
  9. Life Is What You Make It - Preeti Shenoy
  10. The Professional - Subroto Bagchi

I might down the road - Keep adding, to this same list and the same blog, so that I also keep remembering the good books which I have read.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Goals 2015

I wrote the goals for this year - 2015. I wouldn't want to call them as Resolutions but more so, as goals.
The difference being, Resolutions have the distinctive habit of getting broken. Goals are however , not having the same image :)

I have kept simple measurable goals and which are really achievable.

Friday, January 02, 2015


At the onset of this new year , I would like to wish the readers a very happy new year.

Thankfully for me, it started off on a very positive note. After a short new year eve party in my apartment complex, I had to head to the Passport Seva Kendra in the morning. And probably for the first time , I have seen Bangalore, with such heavy rains in the morning, It was very heavy, quite comparable to that in coastal side. I simply loved the drive on the new year eve, with mostly empty roads and the perfect amalgamation of cloudy and rains weather.

What followed in the PSK office, made me think that, this year will be a much positive one -
Though I was the 2nd person to reach the PSK office, when the door was finally opened, the others rushed inside to the counter to check for the documents. I did see one counter, which no one had queued up. I reluctantly went there and stood first in the line. Within a couple of minutes the person came at my counter and there was none at the other counters :) I had won my first battle. Due to this I was the first person to enter inside and everything was a breeze, and within 45 minutes everything was done and I was on my way out.

I just liked the way the new year panned for me. It just gives you a hope that, the rest of the year will be equally promising if not more.

Later in the evening, I met a friend and I would say, it was a great evening. It was a merger of the new with the old. Going through the by-lanes of Sadashivnagar, everything was so nostalgic.

Hoping to see the same positivity for the rest of the year....

One picture taken in the morning - During the rains - Not a great one, but good enough for me to remember this day.

And to sum up, I am only trying to follow the message in the 2nd picture. Hence starting the new year with a good note.

Happy New Year to everyone.

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And then another year

Another year passes. Just like a breeze. The chill in the weather has reduced in the last one and half decade. But not the warmth . Going worse every passing year. And I don't really think its going to get any better.....
People don't like you to be happy. They dont even mind the killing of the innocent children. Why will the people even care of the others. Money, religion, fundamentalists and on top of them all, the sadists. There is never a dearth of all of them.

In such cases the only positive one has in life is hope. Just hope that hope doesn't take away the hope from us.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Safety In Driving

I never thought that I would be writing this article on Safety. Though I always that there was a need to educate, but not everyone is ready to listen, especially when it comes to driving. The phrase 'I am always Right' is more likely to be applicable for most drivers. Including me... and only a few moments later I realize that I was wrong a few moments back.

My only contribution in this stream of blogging was towards the attitude which we have towards ambulances. With time, I gave up on that, but all that I do is do my bit and follow the logic which I feel works well to give way to ambulances in Bangalore.

After driving for the last 10 years in Bangalore, and also travelling long distance, I can say I have covered a little more than 130,000kms(driven by me). This includes city driving on my Tata Indica and Swift Dzire and most of my long drives have been on the DZire, as can be seen on most of the posts on this blog of mine.

Things to consider During City Driving -
In Bangalore, there is nothing called Lane Driving. I call driving in Bangalore an a form of art. You trace the shortest route possible, without hindering anyone in between and slowly move towards your goal. But not everyone is so gentle, when maneuvering the lanes. My request, try to follow the car in front and stick to the pseudo lane created.

No or less Honking - I really don't see much use of honking unless someone is coming dangerously close to you, or someone is busy messaging on the phone at a traffic signal. I mean everyone on the road, (mostly) are on the way to a given place, and they will move. How will it benefit, More importantly, its very irritating to other drivers.

Give Way to Pedestrians - India is one of the countries , where the pedestrian is given least importance. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to stop for every single person crossing the road, due to the huge number of pedestrians, but when the signal is meant for pedestrians to cross the road, respect that.

Avoid Full Beam - This is a worst torture one can get from other drivers. Unless, its really dark and cannot see the road , I really don't see the need of the beam to be used in city driving. It not only irritates the person in opposite direction but also the one infront of you. The reflected from the rear view mirror is worse and this can give chances for an accident. I do tend to flash the high beam when the one coming in the opposite direction is on full beam, but then once he has passed by, switch over. Don't let the chain reaction to set in.

Dont Speak on the Phone : I know these rules are mainly followed by the law abiding drivers and most of the times I see the cab drivers,using them and in the bargain lose track of the lane in which they are travelling. Highly prone to accidents.
One point which I don't understand is, why is using the headphones or bluetooth for speak against the law. I do feel that using them to speak is much much safer and doesn't really disturb driving.Its as good as  talking to a fellow passenger in the car. Well, on the other hand, when the F1 drivers cruising at 300kmph per hour can talk and listen on their radio attached to their helmets, why is simple headphones and blue tooth against the law, though we travel at much much lower speeds.
I do feel this is a topic for debate.

Ambulances - This has been my pain point and I am sure for many others and everyone feels helpless when an ambulance is right behind you and you dont have a inch to move. First of all, the sirens on the ambulances are not as loud as I have heard them in US or such countries. This should be loud enough so that the traffic policeman can hear and clear the traffic.
Secondly, In the case of tight traffic and no place to move ahead, one option which is normally available is to move behind(Not if the ambulance is Behind you.. if its away). This will give room to other vehicles to move and let the Ambulance move ahead.
On the other hand, there is no definite rule which says, which side of the road a vehicle should move, if a ambulance or Fire Brigade is behind you. In US, we need to move to the slowest land and that way the fastest lane is available for the ambulance to move. Here, no one knows which side to move and nor does the ambulance know, which lane will be available for the vehicle to cross across.
These rules should first be tabled and then passed on to everyone. These questions are mandatory in the US when applying for the licence and serves the purpose, as in everyone reads them , for the sake for exam at least and in the bargain, knows what to do.

For the long Drives - 
With time we have seen nicer roads in India and better cars which has induced the culture of road trips. I have done many of them when I go home to Goa from Bangalore.

Some of the Safety Tips which I use during my Trips -

If its a long drive, around 600-700kms that I need to cover in a day, I start slow. I feel its more like marathon, where we need to plan for the whole journey and I prefer by going slow in the beginning. Once the tempo is set and you get good highways, you can rave up the speed in good light and straight roads.

Keep your self, hydrated and also keep munching sometime, time and again. Though we feel that we are only sitting in one place, the mind if busy working and lot of food and water is required. I like to carry energy drinks like Gatorade.

Don't over take every single vehicle you encounter on the road. If the vehicle in front of you actually reduces your driving speed, then surely you should, if not , just follow. Its less of mental drain, when you just follow a vehicle which is driving in the same speed range as you are. I call them the Guide vehicles.

When Stopping on the road, show the lights and indicate to the vehicles behind that you are slowing down. Don't stop suddenly and when you actually stop, make sure you leave enough room for the other vehicles to pass.

On the expressways, the seat belts are a must, and so are the air bags in the car. In India, its only the high end cars which are fitted with the airbags and its considered as a luxury item. I strictly feel that every single vehicle should be equipped with a Air bag and ABS. These are a must. The other luxurious can be made as optional, but not really these.

Coming to the requirements in the car - I prefer one with a nice music system, its a must. Without music the journeys are not really journeys. The seats should be very comfortable so that your legs don't get all the cramps, which means more leg room. Adjustable steering wheel.

The list can go on - But to summarize at the end, for a good drive you need a nice car which keeps your mind at peace and when your mind is calm and peaceful, nothing is better in terms of Safety Precaution.

Monday, December 08, 2014