Thursday, May 07, 2020

Lockdown 3.0 - Thoughts

As the news of the lockdown, kind of closing down, though step by step, there are few things that keep coming to my mind.

Freedom Birds

  1. All these days, there was huge propaganda to reduce traffic and use public transport. Now, due to the China Virus, this can change again. Those who can afford will try and purchase vehicles and avoid taking public transport. At the same time, there will be lesser travel. Everyone will try and keep traveling or going around to a minimum. So I do see a growth in the vehicle sales figures.
  2. People will get used to working from home and even from an employer's point of view, it will be more acceptable. So there is bound to be more purchases for good chairs and work tables for home. The amount saved in fuel and time will easily make up for the costs of furniture. 
  3. There will be more demand for broadband connections at home. Again, more UPS or power backup mechanisms. These will be on the rise.
  4. Hair Cutting Salons/Parlours - I think it's a funny scenario. Everyone will be wanting to cut their hair, but at the same time, they will try to get the job done at home. It's lesser touch and that will matter a lot. For the men, I get a feeling, we will see more people shaving their heads or having overgrown hair.
  5. The restaurants will take quite a hit. Yes, there will be people who will continue eating out, but a lot of people will stop at least in the near term of one year.
  6. Travel - one of the biggest hits for sure. I feel only mandatory travel will be taken by people. All vacations, leisure, etc will be postponed or canceled. Though travel by personal vehicles will rise. So, more crowding at the toll booths.
  7. Gyms will take Big hit. Considering that everyone touches the same equipment and everyone being quite sweaty, I guess fewer people will use the gym. Yoga at home will be on the rise.
  8. Trains will see lesser tickets being booked. I don't see a lot of waitlisted tickets which used to be a norm earlier. Even the number of passengers in a train or a flight will be reduced. We will see a huge change in the way Airlines operate now. 
  9. I think it's payback time for the airlines. They had started to suck every penny out of the passengers. First, they made your seat very very congested and then they would charge for availing extra legroom. I guess things will need to change now. There should be more room between passengers. I think I need to wait and watch this sector.

Some of the things which should be done going further -

  • It's high time that we abolish the zoos across the world. 
    • We now know, what it is like, to be stuck at home in a limited area. If we don't even realize our mistakes now, then when will we?
    • It's not easy to release the inmates of the zoos so easily, as they are not used to searching or hunting for food. At first, we can release the birds, a few of them, so that they can come back if needed. And food should be served to them if they come back or leave if they wish to. Then comes the bigger animals where they should be released in a bigger and safer forest areas, where they can adjust accordingly. 
    • Probably small steps, but they are needed and the start should be done.
  • Limit the needs of each one of us. 
    • There is definitely enough for everyone's needs, but not for everyone's greed - This was penned down by M.K. Gandhiji, but its high time we are doing it out of our own will, rather than compulsion. 
    • The Virus has shown us, how the environment gets better if we don't get greedy. We should let everyone live with equal rights.


Suhas M Mallya said...

Zoos & furniture sales - interesting perspectives; never thought of those :) Will certainly be interesting to see how things change. Hopefully for the better, but on the face of it, it seems old habits die hard.