Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Manohar Parrikar - A true Leader Rests In Peace

In a country like India, one doesn't come across Politicians who have come out from the IIT's.  And more importantly, give the respect the value that comes along with the premier institutes.

Manohar Parrikar, was one such gentleman, who gave a new dimension to the meaning of leadership and pushing the small state to a different level.  Today, as he leaves us, he leaves behind a lot of good work which he has done, so that the future generations can take it up further from there.

A simple man, who loved to go alone, wearing a half sleeved outshirt, and preferred to have the regular rice and fish curry for lunch, couldn't have set a better example for living a simple life in a leadership role.

From taking bold decisions to help the ordinary middle class people to taking tough decisions against the enemy nations, he has shown what he is worthy of.

He leaves us today, leaving us Goans and the country as a whole, with a big vaccum which is almost impossible to fill in.