Sunday, September 06, 2020

Why I miss listening to my podcats !

 One of the benefits of vehicular traffic was the time one would get for oneself. That space in the car, which is surrounded by all kinds of commotion is something that only belongs to you. 

That was the time when I would listen to music or play some stand-up comedians (audio only), and sometimes listen to audiobooks or podcasts. I have learned so much during those travel times as only those who have experienced it would really understand the benefit of it. 

Now, due to COVID-19, we are all working from home and I guess it has its own pros and cons, but what I lost completely was listening to books and podcasts. I do feel that I have been losing out on a lot of reading listening.

I did try to listen to these podcasts at home but really couldn't do it. No actual reason, but somehow, I wasn't able to. Probably I need that long drive to listen to these beautiful books.