Saturday, December 07, 2019

Memories from Music

Today Youtube threw this video on my list and I couldn't stop myself from clicking the same.

Though the video is not from the movie clip, more of a live performance. Nevertheless, it took me back to my days in school/college, when we would listen to these songs on the cassette player.

I am pretty sure, this movie Vansh was not a famous or a hit movie, and it was not due to this movie's songs that we had purchased this cassette. We would get songs of two different movies on a cassette, one on each side. If I am not wrong, we had purchased this cassette for the movie Bazigar, whose songs were super-duper hit.  And due to that, we ended up with movie's songs in our songs collection, which became a part of our childhood memories.

That's the very reason, that when this song popped in the Youtube list today, listening to the song took me to the beautiful college days in Goa.

Songs have a unique way of relating to the places, where we have heard those the songs and relive those days.