Monday, April 06, 2020

The Virus and the Impacts

While the whole world has been under the impact of this China Virus, COVID-19, we have seen unprecedented changes in this world. I don't think there was a shutdown of the Earth,  ever. There have been wars, floods, earthquakes and have created havoc in the lives of people. This is something different. Just stay at home and you will be safe. Sounds funny but its indeed true.

Its almost been close to a month, ever since I have been working from home and I have to admit, it's getting very difficult every passing day. Thankfully, we are staying in a safe area and we have sufficient means and access to groceries and veggies.

At the same time, we have seen so many changes on this planet, which would have never happened, all thanks to this consumerism which has been very vocal on this planet. Someone had to reduce the pace or stop it. But as long as the Businessmen are hand in glove with the politicians this would never happen.

We really needed this stop, but not in this manner though, where so many lives are taken away by this virus, simply originated by eating some live bats. Nature has its own ways to get back to you. But never in my dreams, this is what I had expected.

The govt has taken strong steps to reduce the impact and the spread of the virus and so-called to flatten the curve. But it isn't as easy. There are enough idiots and I don't mind calling them terrorists who are creating enough damage to the planned activities.

Having said all this, there have been some great learnings that we all have learned in some or the other way.

The important part is that we should continue to use and follow all the learnings, even after this phase. Its seen that a lot of great ideas and learnings have happened during some of the worst phases of human life.