Friday, April 01, 2016

April Fools day

Not sure, why this day is called the April Fools day. Yes there have been many stories, but having said that, yes we all need to know that, at some moment of time, you have been fooled.
Fooled in more than one way. Some are near white lies, and some open brute lies, and then you do take some word for it. Not really because, you really didn't know that, they were lies. But just because, it was easy to move out of that situation, assuming it was the truth rather than the lie.

Things change, people change. But at the end of it, you need to deal with, what comes your way on your own.

A fool's day is probably a reminder to you to tell you, that its sometimes better to live a fool's life than a known educated one, since most of the times, even knowing everything, you are equally helpless.