Sunday, December 20, 2015

Spend Less

Looks like a simple thing , but it isn't. I was reading a post on quora and that mentioned, that everytime, we get a hike in our salaries/income, we tend to spend more on the luxuries than the basic necessities.  I am not sure, if thats a general rule, but I do for sure see, if quite frequently.

Just a couple of hours back, in our apartment, there was a Maruti's camp , which had a couple of cars on display. I test drove the Wagon R, automatic variant.  When I was leaving, the sales person told me to buy it soon, before the year ends as the prices of all the vehicles will go up in the next month (next year actually).  No, I dont have any plans to buy a new car :)

Putting both these together, if we dont spend much on these cars, don't you think that the prices of the cars will come down, with the lesser demand.  Agree, there are other factors like rising raw material cost and others. But in general, if the demand is less the prices will be less.

In summary, only buy what you need, and not really all the luxuries, all the time ( Buy when you wish to once in a while). Don't make it a habit.