Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Sialkot Saga - By Ashwin Sanghi - Book Review

Book Name : The Sialkot Saga
Author : Ashwin Sanghi
Pages : Around 600

I had read the two of his earlier books, Chanakya's chant and the Krishna Key, and I blindly picked up this book, from a store and not really Amazon, as I couldn't really wait :)

The book in a couple of words, I can is a good read. And would recommend to read it.
Gives a good glimpse of the history, right from the Partition till the recent past.

But, at the same time, its very close to a couple of books by Jeffrey Archer. Though the story is entirely based in India, but one can remember Kane and Abel or the Fourth Estate, while reading this book. And then there is  almost every event from India's history, linked throughout the story.
That is something, which I didn't like of this book. Reminded me the movie by Shahid Kapoor or rather Pankaj Kapoor's 'Mausam'. That movie was essentially, one in which all the main characters of the movie, we present at all the major disasters across the world. This book also, does something similar. The detest of that movie, I guess to quite an extent, would influence this review.

The story starts of two people, who had come to India, on the past train from Pakistan where, everyone on the train were killed. One of the worst events in the history of the India-Pakistan Partition.  Then starts a parallel story, of these two wizards, one from a middle class background coming up the financial ladder and the other coming from the underworld kind of background. The story, is gripping at each point of time and at no point, did feel like keeping it down.

The only place, where one can  feel  , 'Ashwin Sanghi, as per his previous books, is when there is a detailed discussion of the important project done by a Burmese , to increase the longitivity of human life. Thats the only place, I could feel Ashwin.  All throughout the other time, though I was reading the story, I was going back to the Jeffrey Archer or Mausam movie:)

This would give an idea of the book, mainly a struggle of two individuals coming from Pakistan and their story, mainly the rivalry between the two, and still at heart they were different. And then you also see their story of their kids and , yeah, its kind of the typical hindi movies :)

So, this book appears that, its written so, that, it can be converted into a Bollywood movie.
Well, looking at Jeffrey Archer, it would be a success, while, if you look at 'Mausam' movie, then it's likely to be something else.

Go for the book and if you are born in the late 70's or early 80's , its a nostalgic walk through for the past few decades :)

Go ahead and read it!!!