Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nice Post on Quora

Found an Interesting Post on Quora and thought will keep it documented it here.

What I can do in my 20s that will benefit my future self ?
  1. Fall in love. Fail in love. You will understand what is love.
  2. Go early. Be late. You will understand what is time.
  3. Be at home. Be away from home. You will understand what is mother's care.
  4. Travel with family. Travel alone. You will understand what is loneliness.
  5. Be miser. Be spendthrift. You will understand who is friend. You will understand what does money mean in life to you.
  6. Attend the classes. Bunk the classes. You will understand both make no difference. (You will start studying on your own).
  7. Be idle. Read about stuff. You will understand the importance of reading and awareness. (when you have to shut your mouth in a group for lack of data to speak about).
  8. Use smartphone. Use symbian. You will understand how much time you wasted on selfies and shitty games.
  9. Use Facebook. Use Quora. Enough said!