Saturday, January 29, 2011

How Not to Get Tired

It's not busy-ness in life that makes us tired. It's thinking too much that makes us tired. How not to get tired? Don't get distracted, get upset or get too 'lost' in anything or anyone. Don't think too much about the work. Just do it! Then your mind will stay rested whilst you work.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

White Blanket

Warsaw, Poland

As I woke up today morning and gazed from the window from our apartment on the 11th floor, it looked serene. The huge white expanse. All the cars neatly covered with a finesse which can only be detailed with time. And yes this did take time. The whole of last night it was snowing , but what I would call a drizzle. This white expanse of untrodden snow, gives you a feeling of a new beginning and a freshness. A fresh cover over a old table top.
Many a times one does this need this new feeling. And most of the times once in a day. Practically not really possible unless you do your bit towards it.
Later in the day, when we reached office. It was an extremely busy day. Busy not from number of issues that I had to solve. But more of number of simultaneous queries that were pounded on karpaga and me. But I didnt feel tired. By lunch time, it was normal and I just thought that what really made me not lose my cool among all this chaos. Should be the start with which I had done my day with.
A clear white blanket which has completely cleared off my mind and made a day full of possibilities.
And yeah, its not just another line from Calvin and hobbes, but my actual experience.

Clear off your mind in the morning and it will carry that great feeling all through the day

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Read this quite some time back, but every time I read it, it gives a different perspective to a problem which we are facing.

The Japanese have always loved fresh fish. But the water close to Japan has not held many fish for decades. So to feed the Japanese population, fishing boats got bigger and went farther than ever. The farther the fishermen went, the longer it took to bring the fish. If the return trip took more time, the fish were not fresh. To solve this problem, fish companies installed freezers on their boats. They would catch the fish and freeze them at sea. Freezers allowed the boats to go farther and stay longer. However, the Japanese could taste the difference between fresh and frozen fish. And they did not like the taste of frozen fish. The frozen fish brought a lower price. So, fishing companies installed fish tanks. They would catch the fish and stuff them in the tanks, fin to fin. After a little thrashing around, they were tired, dull, and lost their fresh-fish taste. The fishing industry faced an impending crisis! But today, they get fresh tasting fish to Japan .

How did they manage? To keep the fish tasting fresh, the Japanese fishing companies still put the fish in the tanks but with a small shark. The fish are challenged and hence are constantly on the move. The challenge they face keeps them alive and fresh!

Have you realized that some of us are also living in a pond but most of the time tired and dull? Basically in our lives, sharks are new challenges to keep us active. If you are steadily conquering challenges, you are happy. Your challenges keep you energized. Don't create success and revel in it in a state of inertia. You have the resources, skills and abilities to make a difference. Put a shark in your tank and see how far you can really go !

Friday, January 07, 2011

Better weather

It was a nice day today, weather wise. And more importantly since it was a Bank holiday out here in Poland. Woke up late, or rather in a relaxed manner and were up by 8 when the sun started to hit you on the face. Only to find that the rest of my housemates are still enjoying their sleep. Thankfully, we had bought the grocery yesterday and were quite prepared for today. Though it was a holiday, we had enough work to be done, and didnt really bother us and we could finish it off within our comfort zone.

Later in the evening, one of our colleague came over to our apartment and had a good time chatting on the issues related to the project. I guess it going to be an eventful day tomorrow given the current issue that we are facing in the integration test.
But today was a welcome holiday though we worked from home. It was needed from the hectic last week which had a few nightouts and then followed by packing and new year's eve travel. We barely got a chance to relax and just be to yourself. Should be better off this week due to the better temperatures and the weekend coming ahead.

Book Review : Urban Shots, Love Life and all that Jazz

I had bought this set of 3 books from India Plaza, ie  Another Chance, Urban Shots  and Love Life and All that Jazz. Have written about Another Chance  in the blog earlier.
As of Urban shots, its a collection of short stories from Indian Authors. They are grouped based on types of stories, but I can sure be saying that this book is really good. I cannot all the stories are great, but majority of them are. Right from the comfort of having a pet to change one's life to that of changing the habits of a husband by an uneducated woman. Its all there in the book. Though the standard of english and the high one gets by reading Jeffrey Archer can't be achieved from this book, but one can connect to these stories and probably use them in your life too, since these are primarily Urban Shots. 
If you read books and need something for a light reading, then just go for this one.

The other book, ie Love Life and all that Jazz, is a story of friends, all from different backgrounds, lifestyles and financially different leagues. Each one having their own priority in life and own set of problems. Probably like the 3 friends in 3 Idiots or Dil Chahta hain.  Each one having their own love story and issues related to them and also their parallel work life and careers. Very well written book and it just takes you to your college days or your early working life, where one does face different challenges in life, right from work to new place and finances.  This book would help you to take those strong steps incase and decide whats the important decision to be taken at the right point of life, and whats the cost of not doing it. I would definitely ask you to go for this book. Probably can finish it off in a couple of days.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Back to Warsaw

The new year started with packing the bags to Warsaw, where the freezing temperatures were waiting for us. Luckily for us, we had no eventful incidents during travel.
The day we landed, the first thing on the agenda was to buy shoes and jacket for this weather. After a lot of Hunting in the Galaria Mokotowa mall, we finally managed to get a good pair of shoes and a nice jacket. I am not sure for what reason, but the shopkeepers were not at all keen to sell their stuff. Either they were not comfortable talking in English, or may be not comfortable with us.

The following day ie monday too was not that easy. In the morning due to the heavy snow, we ended up in the taxi for more than an hour which normally wouldnt take more than 15 min. It was a sorry state. Worse than what we would see in Bangalore on normal days. Some of us in the group were experiencing snow for the first time. What was more nice than the snow was to see their expression when playing with the snow :). Something's definitely can be priceless.

From today the temperature might be getting better as per the forecast, and likely to be in positive till the weekend. It might just be the right thing for us just to roam around in the city.