Saturday, January 22, 2011

White Blanket

Warsaw, Poland

As I woke up today morning and gazed from the window from our apartment on the 11th floor, it looked serene. The huge white expanse. All the cars neatly covered with a finesse which can only be detailed with time. And yes this did take time. The whole of last night it was snowing , but what I would call a drizzle. This white expanse of untrodden snow, gives you a feeling of a new beginning and a freshness. A fresh cover over a old table top.
Many a times one does this need this new feeling. And most of the times once in a day. Practically not really possible unless you do your bit towards it.
Later in the day, when we reached office. It was an extremely busy day. Busy not from number of issues that I had to solve. But more of number of simultaneous queries that were pounded on karpaga and me. But I didnt feel tired. By lunch time, it was normal and I just thought that what really made me not lose my cool among all this chaos. Should be the start with which I had done my day with.
A clear white blanket which has completely cleared off my mind and made a day full of possibilities.
And yeah, its not just another line from Calvin and hobbes, but my actual experience.

Clear off your mind in the morning and it will carry that great feeling all through the day