Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Back to Warsaw

The new year started with packing the bags to Warsaw, where the freezing temperatures were waiting for us. Luckily for us, we had no eventful incidents during travel.
The day we landed, the first thing on the agenda was to buy shoes and jacket for this weather. After a lot of Hunting in the Galaria Mokotowa mall, we finally managed to get a good pair of shoes and a nice jacket. I am not sure for what reason, but the shopkeepers were not at all keen to sell their stuff. Either they were not comfortable talking in English, or may be not comfortable with us.

The following day ie monday too was not that easy. In the morning due to the heavy snow, we ended up in the taxi for more than an hour which normally wouldnt take more than 15 min. It was a sorry state. Worse than what we would see in Bangalore on normal days. Some of us in the group were experiencing snow for the first time. What was more nice than the snow was to see their expression when playing with the snow :). Something's definitely can be priceless.

From today the temperature might be getting better as per the forecast, and likely to be in positive till the weekend. It might just be the right thing for us just to roam around in the city.


janny said...

Back in Warsaw, the French were moving in, buying up properties to turn into hotels and making the streets a tiny bit brighter. And as if to say thank you to me for the hardships I had endured, each time I left Poland to return to my home in France, our production manager pressed a brown bag containing 2lb of black-market caviar into my luggage.