Friday, January 07, 2011

Better weather

It was a nice day today, weather wise. And more importantly since it was a Bank holiday out here in Poland. Woke up late, or rather in a relaxed manner and were up by 8 when the sun started to hit you on the face. Only to find that the rest of my housemates are still enjoying their sleep. Thankfully, we had bought the grocery yesterday and were quite prepared for today. Though it was a holiday, we had enough work to be done, and didnt really bother us and we could finish it off within our comfort zone.

Later in the evening, one of our colleague came over to our apartment and had a good time chatting on the issues related to the project. I guess it going to be an eventful day tomorrow given the current issue that we are facing in the integration test.
But today was a welcome holiday though we worked from home. It was needed from the hectic last week which had a few nightouts and then followed by packing and new year's eve travel. We barely got a chance to relax and just be to yourself. Should be better off this week due to the better temperatures and the weekend coming ahead.