Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sachin scores 50th century at centurian

Sachin makes us feel proud to be a part of India. A person, so down to earth and his only love probably is cricket. Couple of years back, when Micheal Schumacher would go into a F1 , he would make some sort of record. Now its the time of Sachin.  A batsman , who was compared to himself by the great Bradman, what can be a better compliment for him than that.
Every single match that he plays for, he seems to get better of it. The critics have to say something or the other, but neither the praises nor the negatives seem to effect him much. A person, who has been with the same job for the past 20 years. After every match there is a appraisal and everyone knows the appraisal feedback. By everyone I mean, the whole of India and other countries also who are interested in cricket. I just cant imagine how does he manage to do all this and still play the game.
All our prayers are with you.