Monday, December 20, 2010

Mixed Bag

In the Sunday times last weekend, ie yesterday, there was an article, which mentioned about the blogs and the diaries which people still kept. There was quite some discussion on the pros and cons of the blogs vis a vis of the diaries. Now to put it from my perspective, I would just judge them based on my comfort level. Personally I dont like to write anymore. Though these was a time when I would and I do have my diary from those days. Blog gives me the freedom to write without much hassle. Thanks to Laptop and wifi, I can write the blogs in the comfort of my bed. There was also an arguement about blogs being fake as compared to that in the diary. Well, its both ways. It basically depends what you are planning to write at the end of the day and who is the audience. When you write on to a blog, its but obvious that others are going to read it. If you really dont want others to read or write in anonymity, then one should open a different blog and not publish one's name in any way.
But I love blogs and thats the reason I have been to it for the past 5 years. At the same time, I also want to mention that I have removed the publishing of this blog on to facebook. I felt that same feeling that I shouldnt advetise my blog. If someone is interested then they are free to read about me. But otherwise, I shouldnt thrust by blog onto others more like a newspaper.

Moving on to other things, the past one week has been a mixed bag, as the title of the blog has been.  Meeting different people, gives you different perspectives of life.Some of them come from those quaters where you least expect it to come.
Sunday was an different experience all together. Meeting someone who is business tycoon, and leads a company which spans above 40 countries, is not something that one can do everyday of your life. And then when you get a chance to meet and speak to such people, its a different high all together. Further on, when they come to our country and say that its the best country and this is where the future lies, its something that needs to be pondered upon.
At the same program, where I met this person of such a great stature, I also met people, whom I had kept away for quite some time. Whatever be the reasons, somehow I couldnt meet them for quite a long time. When I went for the program yesterday, where normally I end up prefering to be a quiet audience, this time it was other way. I was asked to manage a few things. Not that the tasks were difficult, but they were important to be done correctly. I kept wondering, why do they still have the same feeling towards me, even though I havent been to any of the preparatory meetings. And the faith they had in me, once they gave me the task, was something that I couldnt understand quite well. At the end of the day, though I was dead tired since I was standing for more than 8 hours, it was the serenity that lasted within me, and still exists.

While sharing this experience with one of my friends, it got to me more clearer that somethings are destined to happen and no matter what you try things will go the way they should. It all leads to the path, where you ultimately feel happy and peace at heart.