Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Lens

Since yesterday was working, my initial plan of going to buy a new lens on saturday went for a toss apart from the other jobs that I had in line. Nevertheless, sunday morning I decided to go to the FOTO CIRCLE anyways.
When I reached there at 11 am, i was pleasantly surprised to see some other folks waiting for the store to open. After a long wait of 45 min, Jayesh finally came. Within a few minutes I got my new prime lens and a UV filter and a lens cap that I was wanting to get for an year.
Its so incredible that, even with so many stores in the heart of city, why is there such a big rush just waiting for him to open the shop. I guess its just pure costing and the faith built in all over these years.

For those interested in buying from FOTO circle his new shop is at the Brigade towers at Anand Rao circle. I dont think you can miss the big NIKON sign once you reach the junction there. I am quite sure, you get the best prices for all your photograhic equipments out there.