Saturday, December 11, 2010

10th December

I couldnt think of any other title for this blog. When everyday of the week has tough and you look forward for a break in the form of weekend, on friday evening you are told that you need to come to work on saturday also. What worse can it get.
The only good thing today was the arrival of the new CEO to our office. But at the same time, we were asked to come to office early and to add to that, the coffee vending machine decides not to work in the morning.

It was only at 11 that I left from office and had dinner at home. Thankfully there is dinner at home.
The only good part after all this was to watch tv and the watching one of my favourite program No Big Deal  on NDTV Good times. Today they were showing a place which is basically a farm and nice cottages and one can really enjoy the village life and the nice farm lands apart from doing farming.
I think I should serious think of such nice options, before this life drives me crazy. The place which I had visited a couple of weekends, was pretty good. It was just above an hour's drive from Bangalore and had a nice farm over looking a lake and a mountain. The farm land there was pretty cheap. Thats what I felt, since it cost around 60-70 Rs per sq feet. So thats around 6 -7 lakhs for 10,000 sq feet, which probably is a good enough land to start some small time farming :)

Need to save some money for that and do something worth while while the earth gets depleted , thanks to our  habits and life.