Thursday, December 02, 2010

Another Chance

Well, Another Chance is not something to do with me. Its the latest book that I just finished reading yesterday night. I would say that this new Author, Ahmed Faiyaz is very good in writing. I ordered the set of 3 books by this author and supposedly to be signed by the author on all 3. I got only on 2 . Good reason for me to sue them :).

Well, I am not really keen on writing a review for this book. But I must say its a well written love story, and worth a read. There are instances in the book which make you value the relations you have.

Another book from this collection is that of short stories. I have just finished 4 of them. But I must say they are different and very well written. Not all stories are of this author but more of an aggregation from different authors. The first story of the puppy was very nice and touching. I would definitely recommend this book.. Hey did I tell the name of this book ?.. Its URBAN SHOTS.

Yet to start on the 3rd book though.