Sunday, June 21, 2009

My first Visit to Tatoo Studio

Yesterday was the first visit to the Tatoo parlour ever in my life. It was quite impressive to see it,thank fully not experiencing. Jitesh finally decided to do the Cry and Laugh tatoo, which he chose at the last moment.

The cost did appear to be a steal. The studio was impressive and spic and span. No room for any kind of complaints.
At 22 Hrs, the design was started and by 23 hrs, the final design was done and approved. The actual, rather the painful part started only at 23:15 hrs and it was not a smooth sailing for Jitesh at the beginning.
From Tatoo Studio

Once started, though I was kind of dozing off, the pain absorbing threshold increased with time for Jitesh. He looked more comfortable. I was actually scared that there could be some bleeding etc, which might not be something I would be confortable. But it was not. The efficient and professional work was very impressive.

From Tatoo Studio

This was how the final one actually looked.

From Tatoo Studio