Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MJ- End of an Era

Micheal Jackson. The name says it all. Frankly speaking , I dont think I have got his audio cassette or a CD in my entire life, and I am very much sure I do have company. But the fact remains, I know what he does and what he is, and again I am sure this is known by many.
I would personally say that, he was one person, probably most number of people on this planet knew. Its a different issue, whether they heard him, or even knew who he was. But they knew a person names Micheal Jackson. This analogy was in my thought.
This was proved when he passed away last week.
The number of posts and editorials because of this event reached a maximum and it actually got the Google slower and it was the same for twitter. Its not everyday that Google comes across this scenaraio. Not even when Obama was elected , or any country won the FIFA world cup or for that matter may major events.
It just a death of a single person that led to this. Worth a thought!!