Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shopping in MVD

Today morning went for shopping in the so called Burma Bazaar in Montevideo.
Its a nice place where one can buy good stuff at reasonable rates. Almost all kind of clothes and stuff which I think I can take back to India are available.
Uruguay has been not upto the mark when it comes to shopping, but today it has changed the perspective.

I picked up a jacket, and a paper photo album, and also a Mathe cup, more as a souvenir.
Spent a flat 2000 in one day in shopping, very unlike of me though. Nevertheless it was worth it.

In the afternoon we went for movie at MVD Shopping Mall. Not the best of the movies, but a good time pass. I still dont know the name of the movie. It was written in spanish[But an english movie though :)]

Today during lunch we also saw the Spanish version of Bend it like Beckham. It was quite a sight to see Anupam Kher talking in spanish wear a sardarji turban. On top of that, the hindi wedding songs going on in the background. It was an interesting day today indeed.