Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MJ- End of an Era

Micheal Jackson. The name says it all. Frankly speaking , I dont think I have got his audio cassette or a CD in my entire life, and I am very much sure I do have company. But the fact remains, I know what he does and what he is, and again I am sure this is known by many.
I would personally say that, he was one person, probably most number of people on this planet knew. Its a different issue, whether they heard him, or even knew who he was. But they knew a person names Micheal Jackson. This analogy was in my thought.
This was proved when he passed away last week.
The number of posts and editorials because of this event reached a maximum and it actually got the Google slower and it was the same for twitter. Its not everyday that Google comes across this scenaraio. Not even when Obama was elected , or any country won the FIFA world cup or for that matter may major events.
It just a death of a single person that led to this. Worth a thought!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My first Visit to Tatoo Studio

Yesterday was the first visit to the Tatoo parlour ever in my life. It was quite impressive to see it,thank fully not experiencing. Jitesh finally decided to do the Cry and Laugh tatoo, which he chose at the last moment.

The cost did appear to be a steal. The studio was impressive and spic and span. No room for any kind of complaints.
At 22 Hrs, the design was started and by 23 hrs, the final design was done and approved. The actual, rather the painful part started only at 23:15 hrs and it was not a smooth sailing for Jitesh at the beginning.
From Tatoo Studio

Once started, though I was kind of dozing off, the pain absorbing threshold increased with time for Jitesh. He looked more comfortable. I was actually scared that there could be some bleeding etc, which might not be something I would be confortable. But it was not. The efficient and professional work was very impressive.

From Tatoo Studio

This was how the final one actually looked.

From Tatoo Studio

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shopping in MVD

Today morning went for shopping in the so called Burma Bazaar in Montevideo.
Its a nice place where one can buy good stuff at reasonable rates. Almost all kind of clothes and stuff which I think I can take back to India are available.
Uruguay has been not upto the mark when it comes to shopping, but today it has changed the perspective.

I picked up a jacket, and a paper photo album, and also a Mathe cup, more as a souvenir.
Spent a flat 2000 in one day in shopping, very unlike of me though. Nevertheless it was worth it.

In the afternoon we went for movie at MVD Shopping Mall. Not the best of the movies, but a good time pass. I still dont know the name of the movie. It was written in spanish[But an english movie though :)]

Today during lunch we also saw the Spanish version of Bend it like Beckham. It was quite a sight to see Anupam Kher talking in spanish wear a sardarji turban. On top of that, the hindi wedding songs going on in the background. It was an interesting day today indeed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Shifted to A New Apartment

We shifted to a new apartment last weekend. It was a welcome change from the life in a hotel room.
Nice and big apartment and very very spacious. Am really loving the place, but the older place was in the heart of the city in pocitos, near Montevideo Shopping.
Here everything is a little bit far off. But its a good residential area and lots of shopping around.
Need to explore more of this over the weekend.

Looking forward for it and also for some photography.
But yes, we do miss the lovely view from the older apartment of the River Bed and the calm waves as one would wake up. That was the best, which not even in Goa, I could ever experience. Will put up some snaps soon.

Basket Ball Match

Went to see a basket ball match today here in Uruguay. It was my colleagues son playing and it was a treat to see them play. Nothing short of pure entertainment, and making feel the game look so easy and seamless. Such good passing and wonderful baskets.

It was a welcome change.

Its getting colder here day by day. Need to pick up somemore warm clothings, and any plans to go out are simply out of the way.