Sunday, November 02, 2008

Book Review:The White Tiger

Book : The White Tiger
Author : Aravind Adiga

I picked up the book only for the simple reason that it had won the "Man Booker Award" this year. Its the first book I have read which is an award winning. Normally I tend to be away from such books, but for some weird reason I felt like picking it up.

Must say that its a great book to read to learn and know about India. Yes its not the rosy picture which is painted, but one that is of reality. At times it got carried away a bit more and I didnt quite like some descriptions. The last chapter was really good. It was surely a good ending with some good punches. Every book has one chapter which is a meant to be re-read time and again. In this book it is definitely the last chapter.

The protagonist , Balram , who is a person from small village always has big dreams and always in pursue of it. He makes sure that the good in him never dies and does take some calculative risks in life. He makes sure that he learns every trick in the book to become a entrepreneur.

This book in some way reflects the protagonist "Guru" in the movie "Guru".

A book worth read if you want to read about the Indian village cultures, the typical indian entrepreneur , the politics and the Urban culture as it is today.