Monday, October 27, 2008

Diwali Time

Diwali Day and its a holiday for me. But not really an relaxing one. The day started off with having fau [aulakki] which we make for diwali. Shweta made 3-4 varieties of the same. Once I was done, I was very curious to see what the stock market had for us after the 1017 point rally downwards last weekend.
Actually speaking nothing really surprising. It went down again as if there its an abyss , and didnt show any signs of going into green. It got so boring to see that, that I went to my bedroom to continue reading the book The White Tiger. Its definitely a good book, but not really gripping. I am yet to finish off that book, once once done, you will see the review on the blog.

Later on when I came out for the festival lunch, I was tempted to pick up some stocks. I know that this need not be the end of the bottom but then it didnt make much sense to lose out on these buying oppurtunities. I guess I was really lucky. As soon as I finished exercising all my options I could see a good recovery by the market. Sensex recovred around 500 points, and all the stocks which I bought, I did get into some profits.

My current strategy would be to pick up value stocks , every month and in probably 2-3 years time they should be having good value.

Am planning to go out for some photography. I hope the inertia lets me do it :)
Happy Diwali to all