Sunday, November 02, 2008

Kumble Calls It a day

2 November 2008
It was tea time of the final day of the 3rd Test Match between India and Australia. It was a boring draw and the match was just waiting for the formalities to be completed.
After tea the news that was flashing on the scroll bar was shocking. Anil Kumble has called it a day, and today was the last day he would ever be playing in Test.
Not quite sure ,what prompted him to take such a quick decision. Saurav Ganguly's retirement too was quite quick, and knowing the issues he was going through, it was quite evident that he didnt really do it willingly.

I somehow feel that Kumble retirement was some similar issue which has occured in the dressing room. Feels sad that the players who have got glorious victories to India have to leave the Game in such a haste.
Started his career in 1990 and after 18 long years has finally declared his innings.
He also the career best of 10 wickets in an innings and 8 times 10 wickets in a match. I still remember the ODI final match against WI in the challengers cup in which he had clinched 6 wickets. He was a different cricketer. Not that the opposition would get scared of him but he would do the damage.

Its a day to remember for Indian cricket fans and specially those in Bangalore.
He has 619 Test wickets to his name and 337 in ODI, quite a feat.


Anonymous said...

i think its time.. he needs to give room for the future. he should spend his days.. training and coaching the younger cricketers to be and achieve like him...