Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tata Nano and the Singur Case

The TATA's has finally made the hard decision to suspend all its work from the Singur Site. Watching all the news and various statements, here are my views on the whole issue.
First of all, its not uncommon that the ordinary people like the farmers being taken to task every now and then. No, I am not saying that TATA's didnt pay the farmers, I dont have those level of details with me. But time and again I have seen that when the Government is on the land acquistion spree its the simple common man who is always at loss. I have had close people in my life paying for these issues especially during the Konkan Railway Project and the Sea Bird Project in Karwar, Karnataka. There are various levels where the money gets filtered and when it finally reaches the owner of the land it is actually peanuts. I am not saying this is exactly what has happened in Singur, but a very likely case as most of them are farmers, and once losing their land for peanuts, only means that they no longer have a source of lively hood.

Assuming this is not the issue, then I am really feeling bad for the people in Bengal. Whether the project continues there or not. No big company will openly come to WB based on goodwill. They will think of all the other options before coming there.

But whose loss is it finally ? The TATA's [ approx 1600 crore], the WB Govt, people of WB or India as a whole.
TATA's , surely a no. Yes, it does setback them with 1600 crore, which people like me who will probably buy the next car , Vista from them , will endup paying :) but TATA's have a strong history of pulling out of projects after reaching a given stage. But thats the cost of being in a business and TATA's know it well.
The WB govt has lost all its credibility, no matter who puts the blame on whom. Finally they are all politicians, and all that matters to them are the votes and they can go to any extent to get the next 5 year slot. Long term vision is surely lacked in them.
India as a whole? Well not really. If one is looking from the foriegn investments, I dont really think so , as one project doesnt decide investment. But investment in WB? Yes , that might be a bit of a convern. Apart from the investment, does India lose its value as not able to produce the cheapest car ever ? Well again I dont think so. Ratan Tata will definitely roll out its first car in October. Thats the power of TATA's they have enough resources to make it possible.

The last but not the least, The people of WB. Yes they would definitely be the big losers. They have lost out on various investments which would have come directly due to the TATA Nano project and the indirect investments. Its definitely a negative point for the people in WB.

Talking about the TATA's , personally thats one conglomerate in India I have the greatest respect for. As they havent only been in earning money. Yes they are business men and its their every right to earn money. But more importantly they have invested in a way to make INDIA PROSPER. Which from my point of view, demands the greatest respect.
Its their sheer vision, that have resulted in institutes like TATA INSTITUTE, Now knows as IISc , Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, and so on. They have invested in education to bring up India. What better way to develop a country. The only other group who falls in this category from my point is the Manipal group[MAHE]. And I am very fortunate to be a part of both these groups. I guess thats the master plan. Having worked for TCS, with all its negatives, I still love the days in TCS, the time spent there and the Education that I received there. Some things cannot be bought , they have to be earned. I guess I was lucky enough to earn that.

As for the Nano, my heart says , the project will continue in Singur, Politicians being politians. I only hope the people of WB dont suffer.