Sunday, August 31, 2008


Reliance Industries, One of the premier companies of India. Probably the most profitable in India. Started by one person, Dhirubhai Ambani, who started off small but dreamt big, only to fulfill them. He never had a clue that one fine day his two sons, Mukesh and Anil would be at war heads in the court of law and washing the dirty linen in public. Nevertheless, these two brothers had made the world look at them and India as well. Personally speak, I hate this company but love the stocks. I hate because, In more than one way this company does things illegally, of which I am also a victim. From that day onwards, I have pledged never to use any RELIACE product in my life, and I still stand by it. But I am not really sure whether I will be able to continue doing the same for long, given the fact that, they have entered into every segment the market. You name it and they are there in it. One of the brothers. If I want to put it across as a story, I could say, whatever you do today, Reliance will earn something from it. Right from buying fuel, to using a cell, paying insurance, trading in stocks, credit cards, jewellery, footwear, stationary material to your day to day grocery. Did I miss anything ? I sure would have. Of course the latest entrant is DTH service and social sites though the mobile.

I hate them to the core. My hatred has gone to the extent of not only cancelling my cell connection with Reliance, but also cancelled 5 of my friends connections, and that I see as one of my acheivements in life. But no matter what, I still like them for that very fact that, its only because of them that we are having so cheap telecom rates. It was them who started the concept of incoming free. Else earlier, I would pay for all the junk calls too :(

So what should I really be doing ? Loving them or hating them. Well I guess we need such people to keep the market on track. Use them carefully without getting cheated. Be on your toes when you are dealing with them, as they are the last people on planet whom you can trust. You can turst them to be infair. Sometimes these fishes are needed to keep a tab on the market rates. I do have a feeling that now that they have ventured into the Cable TV segment, the prices of TATA SKY and ZEE DTH will come down further.

Love them Hate them, but cannot Ignore them. Just hoping that one fine day, they get some clean mind and do the good for India.

Before I end, let me just list out the companies under the Reliance Brand, regardless of which brother owns it.

Reliance Petroleum
Reliance Energy
Reliance Retail under which comes Reliance Fresh, Footprint, Jewellery, Digital, Wellness, Time Out

Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group is a group of companies headed by Anil Ambani. The companies under the group are:

I guess this is quite a spread