Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome

I just downloaded and installed the Google Chrome browser. Why is it that almost everything from Google is so good [ Google Desktop is bad as it really slows down your computer ]
The sheer difference from the others makes you stick to it.

Well its not even a day since I have started to use, but I have been liking its features till now. I must say that its worth a try

But I was a little bit surprised to read this article about Google Chrome.
Please read this before you start using Chrome. Frankly speaking I didnt think google will come to these kind of Terms and Conditions.
Features are fantastic, but we need to take it with a pinch of salt.


*Anbu said...

I too was one of the early adopters of Chrome, downloaded & intslled minutes after its launch.

It works well in faster conections, but with slower connections the pages come in to a idle/hibernated stage, it pops u up for 2 options, 1.Kill the Page 2.Wait. I tried selecting both the options, no use it is as good as restarting your browser, the moment that pop up comes even the refresh button gets deactivated.

I am not a content writer, hence no need for me to worron the term of service :)

Anonymous said...

I too have read the controversy over Chrome EULA, Apparently google decided to modify EULA removed "Un-pleasant" conditions.
Here is the news item which talks about changes to EULA

My tester friend (KB) came up with a way to crash all the instances of Chrome , type":%" ( with out quotes) in address bar.

-SB :-)