Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Book Stores

Books have always been my friends. I guess true friends , as they never ditch you and are always there when you need them. Being a book lover, it feels as if its against my religious principles to walkout of a book shop without buying one.

Last week, I was told to pick a book. So I went to Crossword book shop on Residency Road. The parking was bad , and I had to take couple of rounds before I got a place for me. On searching for the book for sometime, I asked the attendor for the book. He has no,clue of it and asked me to give the Author Details. Still they had no clue of the book. On searching in the online category they found that they had two copies of the same, but still they were unable to find it. Can you imagine the lack of organising? One more attendor came to help me out, and on giving the Name of the book and the author, he remarked upon his failure in searching the book " If could give me some details on what is the book about, it will be easy to find". My simple question was, if they cant find using the name and the author, what else will help them ? I finally left from there giving them the details and they promising me that they will call me as soon as they order for the new stock.

Next I landed in Landmark book shop. I somehow like this place. I knew I couldnt find it if I started to search on my own, so I directly went to the counter and asked them the same. They checked on their online database and found they had none. But sure enough they took the details and promised to get back. With three days I did get a call from them saying they have procured the book for me.

As for the crossword, I guess they are still trying to find out, about what is the book. They even ask me everytime to be their member by paying 150/- to that I can get discounts and points. I guess I will have to endup buying atleast 50 books from them to breakeven the cost of 150/- and I am stuck to that place, and inturn lose my freedom from buying at other locations. Nevertheless, I dont think I will go to crossword again to buy books exclusively.

Please share your experiences at the crossword and other book shops in Bangalore.
Looking for your comments.


Anonymous said...

My experience at Crossword book store has always been bad, There is another book store off MG Road,
in Manipal Center called Strand Book Stall, its a small store books all around good service.
Off late I have started buying online or both service has been good It takes about a 5 days to get the books once you order.