Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Search Engines

I stumbled upon a couple of new search engines. Both seem to be good, but some how, after the honeymoon period, google still looked better.

One of them is [ pronounced "cool" ] is a new search engine by some of the ex-employees of google:)
The look and feel was good. Search time, is something that I couldnt make much of a difference. But its just the fact that something new that took my attention.

The other one is . The concept of this site is different. First, its just a portal which makes use of other search engines like google, yahoo, msn etc and searches in all of them and then shows the results on one page. Quite a handy one on that front. Plus the user gets a option to rate a given search output which is useful for other users .. Thats a good feature. And then users can give comments .. And the best part is that one gets paid for using it. And also for giving comments etc. Its good over all, but after a while I did come back to google ..
Those who want to try out scour, can use my invite also