Sunday, August 03, 2008

Friendship Day

Today is the first sunday or August, which means its the friendship day... Hmmm now we need "special days" to remember friends .. Funny isnt it. Or Rather an oxymoron. All these years I used to call up all my so called friends, whom I am not at all in touch. But now I think differently.. Whats the use of calling whom you arent touch at all. This year, I only called those people whom I am regularly in touch. And I didnt really wish them so.. I guess if we are in touch with some friends regularly, neither the explicit mention nor the day is needed. For the rest, even if its a special, the expiry time is just 24 hours :)


Anonymous said...

Better late than never! sorry am here post tat expiry date...coz..
The worlds happiest friends never have the same characters/characterstics......
they just have the best understanding of their differences!!!!!!!!!
A 'happy' friend.
are you too?

Prasad said...

May I know who is this ?
Do I know you ?
thanks for the comment :)