Friday, July 25, 2008

Crisis in Bangalore

I am here , sitting in my office rather than being in my certification class of Handwriting Analysis.
Why?? Because, today Bangalore has experienced something for the first time in his history I guess. 7 Serial blasts .. yes BOMB BLASTS.. Today we were supposed to have the birthday blasts in office, as it was the last friday of the month,,, but we ended up have having the blasts.
Luckily for us, most of us were in office and nothing much has happened. In all one lady died and a few seriously injured and quite a number of minor injuries. Looking at the intensity of the blasts, it somehow doesn't convince me that its an terrorist attack, it appears to be more of an politically motivated attack against the ruling party. Whatever be the case, who ever be the person who has done it.. they are indeed people who are actually their own right. Killing someone for for no fault of theirs is a grave crime, no matter who does it. It now only shows how low people have fallen in their thoughts and deeds that they have to resort to such things. If I look at this episode from the spiritual path, it appears that we are being prepared to handle the worst.

Since the subject of this blog is not bomb blasts in Bangalore, but crisis in Bangalore.. It does have a meaning.. For the past 10 days Bangalore has been having a shortage of Diesel and power.
And since there is shortage of power, more diesel is consumed for the diesel generators.
In short there is a huge crisis. And the base reason for this ?? Yes, its the monsoons. They are very less this year. Not sure when this diesel crisis will end, but yes, it will surely be cutting down my weekend trips as I am pretty much low on fuel. And I guess this crisis will also teach everyone to consume diesel properly. I guess its time for me to switch over to a petrol vehicle :)

I hope and pray things will get ironed out very soon.. and this city will be back to normal in a short span.