Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sensex Touches 10000

What a moment to all the folks interested in the stock market.
Yesterday was a very memorable day . The Sensex touched the historical 10000 mark. And today is very well above 10k, though it closed below 10k yesterday .

Did check my stock, sadly they didnt reach the highs.. but nevetheless, it is a great moment for all of us, and it surely proves that the economy is growing for the better. The investments are coming in. There is money in the market. though some big companies did complain that there is not much liquidity in the market.. but that I am not sure is a big issue.

On the other front ie cricket, we lost. Though it was a sad, but the good part of the whole thing is that , Tendulkar scored his 39th century. and also touched 14k runs. Now thats really some record.
Looking for some more action in the next few matches.. I just that it will be a good series .