Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Job ...

Well as one knows , life is full of changes. And this time it has been one more job . Yes I have moved from Ness Technologies to Independent Technologies called as INTEC for short. Well the first impression of this company has been good so far, and I do hope that it remains so.

What else ?? Well , had been to Goa last week. This was one more change, this time had been to Goa driving down. Have been planning to do so for a very long time, but never materialised. This time it did. And I am happy that I did so .. The memories will last for a long time. The only thing that I kind of missed out is that the time was short. Next time, I plan to take a week off and drive down slowly as and where I plan to go, and make sure that I relax and travel, rather than speeding up at every point.

Will update the blog with more details of the trip and the pictures that I have taken.


Anonymous said...

Good blog macha, keep up the job. I will frequent more often. I liked u blurb on Manipal too.
Good luck at the new job.