Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Channels on TV

With every passing day, we can find more and more channels being beamed for us to watch. Gone are the days where one could be happy with the TV able to handle only 12 channels. Very soon, the 100 odd channels which most of the TV 's support will not be able to accomodate all the channels. The good news is that , out of these hundred odd channels, we hardly watch 20 channels on a regular basis.

The News Channels have also being growing at a very rapid pace. Just in the last one month, CNN-IBN and TIMES NOW have been launched, and both these channels look very impressive. Till date I would prefer only CNBC TV18 , but now a days I do find these channels much better. And with the launch of new channels we can see the hosts which were on TV 18 , now in TIMES NOW etc ... well thats a part of life I guess now.
But even now, if you happen to see the DD news, you will still find the same faces, which we would have seen during our school days.

Well the competition is growing day by day, and so is the quality of the News. Gone are the days , where we would have to wait till for the Friday night to watch "The World this week" by Prannoy Roy. Now we get updates from all over the world not only from the biggies like CNN and BBC , but also from our Indian Channels.

NDTV has been good so far, with stiff competition from Zee news and Aaj Tak. But now with the new channels coming in, I guess all the channels are equally placed.

Even on the entertainment side, Star One has become a big success with their Laughter champions and "Nach Baliye".
I think it was only during the DD days and later on during the KBC time, we would find the entire masses watching the same program. Star One has kind of got it back.

On 26th Jan, ie on the Republic day, I was watching the traditional RD Parade from the India Gate on DD. Well there too I found that some things never change. The narration in Hindi by Brig Sawant and in English by Komal Singh got me my old memories back. I guess ever since I have been watching the RD Parade I have heard their voices only .......