Wednesday, October 04, 2017

22 Years Since The Beautiful Journey Started - Manipal

It was the 4th of October 1995. The first day we started the Journey away from home, and probably at home away from it. 

The Journey has started, and as they say, the Journey is always beautiful than the destination. The journey has probably never ended and its only getting better by the day. The friendships made then are for lifetime, only getting matured every passing day. 

The View from the then 10th Block of the 9th Block and Annapurna Mess

The College Quadrangle

The Ganesh Temple in the Campus

Kamath Circle, the Gym, Basket Ball Court and the 4th Block(Boys Hostel Then)


End Point - We cant see this view anymore

The Quadrangle again :)

One of my most favorite picture ever taken .

The Famous Tiger Circle

A few pictures from those days, most of them taken by me and countless more in my archives. 
Will update more in the coming days.