Friday, September 29, 2017

Can we Bank on these Banks??

I had to apply for a Loan and I approached two Banks. Two Huge Banks from India.

One of them HDFC while the other being SBI.  My first interaction was with the representatives from HDFC Bank, and though they promised earlier disbursement of the money, their approach of their employees was bad, to say the least. No respect for customers and no method to speak properly. Though I can say, maybe its an exception, and its the mannerism of people rather than the Bank, the feedback has been consistent from different sources.

I had a completely different experience in SBI Branch. The manager sat with me and explained it in a nice manner. Got all the documents together and helped me to fill the documents and within 15-20 minutes completed all the formalities. I must say that the attitude of the manager of a branch was so humble. Again this can be limited to certain people, but again, the feedback from many of friends with SBI has been really good.

I sometimes wonder, why is this such a big attitude change when it comes to such huge two Banks in India.

But one thing is for sure, I would never approach HDFC Bank for any slightly complicated work.